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V Rising Reaper build – Best weapon, abilities, and ultimate

Summon spirits and swing your weapon into battle with the best Reaper build, including the best weapon, abilities, and ultimate in V Rising.
V Rising Reaper build – Best weapon, abilities, and ultimate

If you're aiming for a spellcaster or spell glass cannon build in V Rising, then the Reaper weapon is the appropriate weapon to select for your build. This gives you flexibility between wielding the weapon, summoning spirits, and casting projectiles to inflict physical and magic damage.

There is a bonus of inflicting AoE damage due to the weapon's range, and when paired up with a specific Blood Type, you can capitalise on the buffs you can acquire once you increase the Blood Quality. Let's look at the best reaper build, including weapon and Travel abilities, Blood Type, abilities, and Ultimate you need to equip.

V Rising Reaper build – Best Reaper weapon

v rising guide reaper build best build preferred weapon choice general souls reaper
The General Soul's Reaper is the best weapon to equip for the Reaper build. (Picture: YouTube / Itz Jimbo)

To have the best Reaper build for PvE, you will need a reliable weapon that can take down enemies relatively quickly and is adaptable for endgame areas. The General Soul's Reaper fits the needs and demands of this build, and its stats work incredibly well with the various equipped abilities.

This weapon has a Gear Score of 18, which, once equipped, you'll gain several buffs, including 18.5% Physical Power and 25% Physical Damage to undead enemies. You'll gain 6% Spell Power and 5% Spell Critical Strike Chance to maximise your damage output on the magic front.

V Rising Reaper build – Weapon and Travel Abilities

As stated in our Weapons Tier List, the Reaper weapon can deal considerable damage; however, it doesn't fair well in PvP largely due to its range. Regardless, its primary attack can perform a three-hit combo, good for close to mid-range combat inflicting 50% / 50% / 55% damage against enemies.

Its first weapon ability, Tendon Swing, will see you wave around the weapon, dealing 125% damage to all enemies within the AoE and knocking them back to inflict a "fading snare" for two seconds. The second weapon ability, Howling, deals 20% damage by launching the weapon at enemies within the AoE for 0.25 seconds for 2.5 seconds, while the first hit will slow enemies down for 1.5 seconds.

v rising guide reaper build best build weapon ability tendon swing
The Tendon Swing not only knocks back enemies but deals AoE to all enemies within the radius. (Picture: YouTube / Ser Medeval)

In terms of Travel ability, the Veil of Illusion is a great one to run with a Reaper build as it allows you not just to dash to evade enemies for 2.2 seconds; but your next attack inflicts 25% bonus damage and can summon illusions to inflict 40% magic damage. You can recast this ability which will have you return to your start or previous position with an illusion appearing at your current/last position.

V Rising Reaper build – Blood abilities, Blood type, and Ultimate

To run the Reaper build alongside the weapon and travel abilities, the Scholar Blood Type is mainly catered to spellcaster builds, making the Ultimate ability more deadly. Once you've reached Level V Blood Quality, you can continuously recast spells to deal more damage and reduce cooldown times between casting.

Several Blood abilities work well with the Scholar Blood Type specifically for this build. Not only do each of these abilities grants unique buffs but can amplify your moveset when utilising your weapon.

  • Chaos Volley: This ability summons two Chaos bolts that inflict a Chaos Burn status effect and 125% magic damage on the target enemy.
  • Void: this basic Chaos ability allows you to summon a magic orb which, when targeted, explodes, dealing 70% Magic Damage and Chaos Burn for an added status effect.
  • Purgatory: It will allow you to summon an energy pillar to slow down nearby enemies for one second and heal teammates in the area for 40% of your spell power. This energy pillar will then explode, dealing 75% AoE magic damage to nearby enemies and healing your teammates for 75% of your spell power.
  • Sanguine Coil: Sanguine Coil is a Blood-tree ability that launches a projectile at a targeted enemy, dealing 75% magic damage while stealing 40% of their health once the projectiles hit. This can heal your teammates for 100% and yourself for 40% of your spell damage if your teammates get hit.
  • Crystal Lance: a frosty ability that launches an ice projectile, inflicting a Chill status effect and 150% Magic Damage. Any enemies hit will be frozen for four seconds which, on impact, splinters deal additional 50% Magic Damage, which freezes enemies.

A few can fit well with the Reaper build for Ultimate ability, like the Arctic Leap, Chaos Barrage, and Merciless Charge. To maximise on high damage output, weapon, and Blood Type buffs, we recommend Summon Fallen Angel and Heart Strike.

v rising guide reaper build best build ultimates summon fallen angel
The Summon Fallen Angel is one of the most powerful Ultimate abilities in V Rising. (Picture: YouTube / Redlaf)

The Summon Fallen Angel casts a large that can inflict damage onto enemies for 15 seconds, while attacks increase the damage output by 25% for five seconds. The Heart Strike is more magic-centric as it inflicts 150% Magic Damage while you can heal yourself for 150% of Spell Power for 3.5 seconds.

Additionally, a blood explosion sets off once the effect ends, infilling 150% magic damage to enemies within the AoE.

We want to thank the YouTube channel Redlaf for their complete explainer guide to the best reaper build in V Rising. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.