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V Rising Armor Progression guide – All sets, stats and how to get

V Rising's armor progression tasks you to get better gear to beat powerful bosses. Here's everything you need to know.
V Rising Armor Progression guide – All sets, stats and how to get

V Rising's gear progression system is vastly different from other games in that it influences how you can gain the experience necessary to level your character. This is most evident with the Gear Score feature, which determines your gear's current level at that given point.

Equally important as the Gear Score has the armor which can shield you from enemy attacks and, based on its Gear Score, can determine your Power level. This guide details all armor sets, their stats, and how to acquire them in V Rising.

V Rising Armor Progression guide – All sets and stats

As of writing, there are eight known armor sets available in-game, which can significantly increase various stats and grant unique armor perks during PvE and PvP battles. In addition, some of these armor sets will prevent various World Bosses from spawning in specific locations, so it's important to seek them out should you wish to progress further in the game.

v rising guide armor progression armor sets gear score increase stats gear bonuses
Some armor sets grant the player a unique armor bonus for two and four pieces equipped. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

You can increase your Gear Score by crafting and looting for better gear and weapons. Crafting is the best option, as continuous improvements to your castle, gear, and weapons will allow you to increase your Gear Score.

Each armor set comprises a chest piece, leggings, gloves, and boots with separate HP and durability stats. The armor sets and their stats you can unlock and acquire in V Rising are the following:

Boneguard Armor (Gear Level 1):

  • Chest: +18 Max Health, 347/347 Durability
  • Leggings: +15.5 Max Health, 347/347 Durability
  • Gloves: +10.3 Max Health, 347/347 Durability
  • Boots: +12.9 Max Health, 347/347 Durability

Plated Boneguard (Gear Level 2):

  • Chest: +23.7 Max Health, 406/406 Durability
  • Leggings: +20.3 Max Health, 406/406 Durability
  • Gloves: +13.6 Max Health, 406/406 Durability
  • Boots: +16.9 Max Health, 406/406 Durability

Nightstalker Armor (Gear Level 3):

  • Chest/Vest: +31.1 Max Health, 490/490 Durability
  • Leggings: +26.7 Max Health, 490/490 Durability
  • Gloves: +17.8 Max Health, 490/490 Durability
  • Boots: +22.2 Max Health, 490/490 Durability

Merciless Nightstalker Armor (Gear Level 4):

  • Chest/Vest: +40.4 Max Health, 602/602 Durability
  • Leggings: +34.6 Max Health, 602/602 Durability
  • Gloves: +23.1 Max Health, 602/602 Durability
  • Boots: +28.8 Max Health, 602/602 Durability

Hollowfang Armor (Gear Level 5):

  • Chest: +51.6 Max Health, 742/742 Durability
  • Leggings: +44.2 Max Health, 742/742 Durability
  • Gloves: +29.5 Max Health, 742/742 Durability
  • Boots: +36.8 Max Health, 742/742 Durability

Merciless Hollowfang (Gear Level 6):

  • Chest: +64.8 Max Health, 914/914 Durability
  • Leggings: +55.5 Max Health, 914/914 Durability
  • Gloves: +37.0 Max Health, 914/914 Durability
  • Boots: +46.3 Max Health, 914/914 Durability
  • Armor bonus: Movement Speed is increased by 4% with two pieces equipped, and attack speed is increased by 4% with Gear Level boosted by 1.

Dawnthorn Armor (Gear Level 7):

  • Chest: +80.1 Max Health, 1119/1119 Durability
  • Leggings: +68.7 Max Health, 1119/1119 Durability
  • Gloves: +45.8 Max Health, 1119/1119 Durability
  • Boots: +57.2 Max Health, 1119/1119 Durability

Bloodmoon (Gear Level 8):

  • Chest: +97.7 Max Health, 1359/1359 Durability
  • Leggings: +83.8 Max Health, 1359/1359 Durability
  • Gloves: +55.8 Max Health, 1359/1359 Durability
  • Boots: +69.8 Max Health, 1359/1359 Durability
  • Armor bonus: Movement Speed is increased by 6% with two pieces equipped, and attack speed is increased by 6% with Gear Level boosted by 1.

As mentioned before, Gear Score is equally important as the gear you're equipping on yourself or your servants. Gear Score isn't much of a factor during PvP but is essential when facing an enemy or NPC in the vast open-world as the weaker the Gear Score, the higher the damage you'll take.

To determine whether you're able to face an enemy or boss is indicated by a color level appearing on their character nameplate. If it's green, you've met the level requirement to face them, and similarly, if it's red, you're under-leveled.

Enhancing or repairing your armor requires crafting and the right resources and workbench. You can use the Vardoran World Map to view which locations have the resources to craft each armor set.

V Rising Armor Progression guide – How to get armor sets

Most of these armor sets are locked behind crafting workbenches, which blueprints can be obtained when defeating V Blood carrier bosses. The remaining armor sets can also be looted from bandit camps or defeating random enemies in the areas.

v rising guide armor progression armor sets enemy drops looting
Defeating random enemies can drop blueprints for various armor sets or pieces that can be crafted with the right materials. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

The Simple Workbench, once crafted, will unlock the Boneguard and Nightstalker Armor sets, while the Tailoring Bench unlocks the Hollowfang and Dawnthorn Armor. Regarding the latter, you'll need to defeat Quincey the Bandit King to gain the blueprint for the Tailoring Bench to discover them.

According to the developer, more armor sets are planned to be included in future V Rising expansions. Additionally, it is rumored to be much stronger than the current armor sets available.

We want to thank the YouTube channels Demone Kim and Vulkan for their complete tutorials on armor sets in V Rising. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.