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Best seeds for Valheim: Easy resources, Hard more, more

Valheim's procedurally generated world isn't totally random, and by selecting the best seed you can have a very different experience each time you start a new game. Here are five of the best seeds.
Best seeds for Valheim: Easy resources, Hard more, more
Valheim, the Viking survival game from Iron Gate, has enchanted the gaming world with seemingly everyone scouring the Black Forest for The Merchant or attempting to collect enough Deer Hides to put towards their sea-faring Karve.

For many exploring this procedurally generated world, with its different biomes each home to different creatures and climates, is all part of the fun. No two worlds are, from a technical POV at least, the same. Meaning that everyone experiences Valheim differently, and anytime you start a new game you can find yourself facing new and different challenges.

But just because the world is procedurally generated doesn't mean it as random as each new game starts from a "seed" an idea that will be familiar to those that have played Minecraft. But if you haven't it really isn't that difficult to get your head around. Think of Valheim's seeds, like a seed for a sunflower, you know in broad strokes what the seed will come to look like when it flowers - but the devil is in the detail and each flower will grow differently depending on the conditions offered to it.

Valheim best seeds
(Picture: Iron Gate AB)

Valheim's similar. You have the seed and the game engine works its magic on it and creates the world you will inhabit. By changing this seed before you jump into your game you can get vastly different experiences. From spawning into islands with plentiful resources to a world created with few bodies of water, meaning less boat building and seafaring, Valheim's seeds will change how you play the game.

We have brought together five of the best seeds for Valheim, each offering different challenges and favouring certain playstyles.

The best seeds for Valheim

As we mentioned previously Valheim seeds can change your game drastically and there is a growing community that is searching for more each and every day check out the Valheim Seeds subreddit to keep as up to date as possible.

Valheim - a seed for seafarers and explorers

Seed code: LokiIsLive

Valheim seed explorer
(Picture: Iron Gate AB)

This seed is perfect for those that look at an expanse of land (or sea) and think, "I can't wait to get out there!" 

Valheim Lokiislive seed
(Picture: u/DhaosGestalt)

With the first boss, Eikthyr, on the starting island and The Merchant not far off either you can get your feet on the ground. But then it will take a level of exploration, on land and sea, to find new biomes, bosses and more.

Valheim - taking it easy seed

Seed code: IX7JpLYpLd 

Easy mode Valheim Seed
(Picture: Iron Gate AB)

If you want to take life a little easier in Valheim because, well who said being a Viking in a world full of supernatural creatures and harsh conditions had to be hard? Then a seed that brings together the game's resources, bosses and The Merchant with a minimum of travel is the thing for you.

Valheim Easy mode
(Picture: Iron Gate AB)

So with that in mind, how is the above for size? All five of the game's bosses, a merchant just a stone's throw away and a variety of the game's biomes for resource gathering.

There is still plenty to do and see with this seed, and ultimately it just makes it all a bit more manageable.

Valheim - Hard start seed

Seed code: mMxfik3C2J

(Picture: Iron Gate AB)

You think your 'ard do ya? Well, that's no problem, I was just asking... Put the Halberd away. 

If you want the toughest of challenges then you want to strip away resources, easy to access to bosses and The Merchant. That is why we suggest the above Seed code which will set you up with a small starting island made of just the Meadows biome

Surrounded by the ocean you will need to venture out just to find the game's first boss. After that things ease up slightly but nothing will come easy in Valheim with this seed.

Valheim - Easy access to The Merchant seed

Seed code: 42069lolxd

As you enter the Valheim's mid-game knowing and having access to Haldor aka The Merchant will make life much easier.

Valheim Merchant near seed
(Picture: Iron Gate AB / Polygon)

Haldor's supplies include Fishing Rods and Bait, the Dverger Circlet and Megingjord, the latter key for increasing your carry capacity.

He also is the man to see about getting rid of your gems, essentially useless items other than their value to Haldor who will take your Amber, Amber Pearls and Rubies for between 5, 10 and 20 coins apiece.

The seed listed above will make sure Haldor is on your starting island and not too far away either.

Valheim - prone to seasickness? Less sea/ocean seed

Seed code: kapotsavaq

Not every Viking is cut out for a life of sea which can be an issue if you find yourself surrounded by it with limited resources.

So for those that would rather not be building Longships and Karves all day and taking them onto the ocean, we have found this "max land" seed.

Valheim Max land seed
(Picture: u/Dry-Pear-2466)

This seed gives you an absolutely massive first island giving you the time and resources to effectively navigate through to the mid-game without once having to step onto the water. The island has all biomes present as well as The Merchant and depending on boss spawns you may never have to venture further.


We hope this has helped you craft the Valheim that you want to jump into. Speaking of crafting why not check out our Valheim crafting guide...