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Valheim: How To Defeat Stone Golems

Stone Golems are huge, heavy-hitting creatures in Valheim that drop interesting resources but can be quite difficult to take down if you’re not prepared.
Valheim: How To Defeat Stone Golems

As you make your way through the treacherous Mountains biome in Valheim, you’ll stumble across any number of items. The region is home to a bounty of resources and creatures. 

Though, most of these items are out in the open and plain to see. This does not apply to the Stone Golem, however. This rock-like giant is actually dormant in the Mountains unless you disturb them. Also, they look like simple stone piles at first, so many players are frightened whenever they encounter their first Stone Golem. 

Whether you’ve seen one and ran away or have yet to stumble upon one, you’re going to need to know how to beat them. The rock giants drop some interesting resources that could be useful down the line in Valheim, making them a worthwhile enemy to fight. 

Defeating Stone Golems in Valheim 

Valheim Stone Golems
Stone Golems are formidable enemies if you’re not fully prepared. (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

Before you traverse the Valheim map to the Mountains, you’re going to need a few different items to take on the Stone Golems effectively. 

First, it’s recommended to wear at least Iron Armour but Wolf Armour is most useful. It features a better armour rating and protects from the cold of the Mountains biome. We’ve previously covered how to craft Wolf Armour for those that don’t know-how. If you don’t have Wolf Armour, make sure to bring Frost Resistance Mead so you don’t freeze. 

Next, you’re going to want to bring either a Bronze or Iron Pickaxe. Obviously, Iron is recommended since it’s stronger but both will do the trick. The reason you want a Pickaxe is the Stone Golem is made of stone and what’s better than a Pickaxe to break that material? 

Once all of that is in your inventory, you’re ready to take on the Stone Golem. Finding one in the Mountains can be tough, as they blend in well, but just look for a strange-looking stone pile. After you disturb the creature, it will attack you. 

Stone Golems how to defeat valheim
Stone Golems hit extremely hard with either one of their attacks. (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

Stone Golems have two attacks, a fast and slow one. There’s also two different types of Stone Golem, the Boulder Arm and Spike Arm. Both have relatively the same attacks, so it doesn’t really matter which one you run into. 

As you’re fighting the rock giant, try your best to not get hit at all. These creatures pack a huge punch, so one or two hits will kill you. When it’s doing its fast attack, simply back up. However, when it winds up for its slow attack, you want to go around to its back and start whacking at it with your Pickaxe. 

It might take a while, but several hits with your Pickaxe will kill the Stone Golem. After it’s dead, you can pick up a few dropped items, being Crystals, Stone and Stone Golem Trophy.