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Valheim: How To Farm Entrails To Make Sausages

Sausages are one of the best food items in Valheim but are only made from Entrails, which can be tough to obtain in bulk. Here is how to farm Entralis and cook Sausages.
Valheim: How To Farm Entrails To Make Sausages

Gathering high-level food items is one of the easiest ways to ensure you survive for long periods of time in Valheim.  In our previous article going over the best food to eat in the Norse realm, we mentioned that Sausages are the best mid-game meal.

They give you a great amount of health for what you need during the middle stages of your adventure. While they’re not the absolute best food item, they certainly get the job done. 

However, to make Sausages, you need Entrails, which are only found by killing Draugr in the Swamp biome. Finding the Draugr can be tough though, so we’ve devised an easy way for you to farm the material to make unlimited Sausages. 

Farming Entrails in Valheim

First off, you’ll need to have defeated the Elder boss for this method of farming to work. The Elder drops the Swamp Key once it’s defeated, which allows you to gain access to the Sunken Crypts in the Swamp biome. 

Once you have access to the crypts, you can begin this farming method. To maximize your Entrails take, you’ll want a solid amount of healing items, at least Bronze gear and a strong bow with plenty of arrows in your inventory. 

Valheim Entrails how to farm make sausagesSunken Crypts are located in the Swamp biome and key to finding more Entrails. (Picture: Iron Gate)

Next, head into a crypt and start mining away the Muddy Scrap Piles. You’re not interested in the Iron that falls off but it’s certainly a great consolation prize.

What you’re really interested in are Draugr spawn points, which can be found in most crypts. You’ll know you’ve found once you see a Body Pile on the ground with multiple Draugr around it. 

The Body Pile will keep spawning Draugr as long as you don’t destroy it. The method to farming Entrails is to simply keep killing Draugr as they spawn and collect the Entrails they drop.


Valheim Entrails how to farm make sausagesA Draugr spawn point. (Picture: Iron Gate)

You can do this up close with a melee weapon but using a bow allows you to maintain your health a little easier. 

You can also find Draugr spawn points in Draugr Villages, but those are less common than the ones you’ll find in crypts. After you find one though, you’ll never have to worry about collecting Entrails again.