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Valheim: How To Unlock And Use The Blast Furnace

Here how you can unlock the Blast Furnace and materials required for one of the last upgrades you’ll make in Valheim.
Valheim: How To Unlock And Use The Blast Furnace

At some point during your Valheim journey, you’ll hit a stagnant point where it seems like you can’t acquire any additional crafting stations. 

Once you unlock the Stonecutter after defeating the Elder boss, no other crafting station becomes available for quite some time. Even after you defeat Bonemass, the third boss, you only gain access to Silver mining, which can still be smelted and built by using your existing stations. 

If you’re someone who’s given up hope for expanding your Valheim stations, fear not, as there are more to come as you continue to advance. One of those stations is the Blast Furnace, which can help you build some of the best gear in Valheim. 

Unlocking the Blast Furnace in Valheim

Before you can even think about crafting a Blast Furnace, there are two things you need to do.

The first is to defeat the game’s fourth boss, Moder, who is found in the Mountains biome. Moder, once defeated, drops the Dragon Tear, which is essential in the construction of the Blast Furnace. 

Valheim Blast Furnace how to unlock materials requiredThe Blast Furnace is unlocked fairly late during your Valheim journey. (Picture: Iron Gate)

If you’ve conquered the mighty dragon and acquired two Dragon Tears, then you will have unlocked the recipe to build the Artisan Table.

This new crafting station allows you to build three additional items, being the Spinning Wheel, Windmill and, of course, Blast Furnace. 

To build your new furnace, you’ll need the following resources: 

  • Stone x20
  • Surtling Core x5
  • Iron x10
  • Fine Wood x20

You will need a solid amount of space to place the furnace, so keep that in mind when you’re trying to build it. Also, it needs to be within the Artisan Table’s build radius. 

If you’ve done everything correctly, your Blast Furnace should be placed down and ready to start smelting! Currently, the only items the Blast Furnace can smelt are the Black Metal Scraps and Flametal Ore.

Similar to the Smelter, the furnace takes Coal as fuel. However, the furnace cannot smelt the materials that the Smelter can, so this isn’t a replacement.