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Valheim: How To Unlock The Artisan Table

Here' how you can unlock the Artisan Table in Valheim, an advanced crafting station that can build some high-level items.
Valheim: How To Unlock The Artisan Table

Throughout Valheim, you can upgrade almost anything in the game with new and improved items or stations. Whether it’s upgrading to a Forge from a Workbench or unlocking Silver to replace Iron, you won’t be stuck with one particular item for too long. 

However, one of the lesser-known items to new players is the Artisan Table. When players upgrade a Forge or Stonecutter, the common thought is there’s nothing left to upgrade building-wise. This couldn’t be further from the truth though, as there’s one additional station you can unlock by defeating one of the game’s bosses.

While the Artisan Table doesn’t allow for as many building options as the Workbench or Forge, you can still craft some helpful tools for your adventure in Valheim. Today, we’ll go over exactly how you can unlock it and what you can build.

Unlocking the Artisan Table in Valheim

In order to unlock this particular crafting station, you only need to accomplish one task, which is defeating Moder.

The game’s fourth boss, Moder is a tough opponent that you can find in the Mountains biome. If you’re struggling with it or simply want help going into the fight, check out our previous guide on how to defeat the dragon boss.

Valheim Artisan Table how to unlock craft materialsThe Artisan Table is a late-game addition in Valheim. (Picture: Iron Gate)

Once you’ve successfully slain Moder, it will drop the Dragon’s Tear. This item is then used to unlock the crafting recipe for the Artisan Table. You use the Tear, along with 10 Wood, to build the Artisan Table anywhere you want. 

The table works like any other station in Valheim, in that the items you build with it need to be placed within its circular radius.

Once you’ve played the table down, you have the option of building three new stations, which are the Windmill, Blast Furnace and Spinning Wheel. 

Each of these stations allows you to create new resources that are found in the Plains biome.

The Blast Furnace creates Black Metal bars, the Windmill creates Barley Flour and the Spinning Wheel turns Flax into Linen thread. Your Valheim gear will receive a major upgrade with any one of these new stations.