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Valheim: How To Use The Windmill

The Windmill is an extremely helpful item in Valheim but you have to accomplish one major task before using it. Here is the guide on when you can use Windmill in Valheim.
Valheim: How To Use The Windmill

Valheim’s progression is mostly clear in the fact that each biome presents a new opportunity for you to harvest more materials.

Once you enter a new biome, new resources are available that weren’t able to be collected before. More often than not, the previous biome’s boss gives you the access needed to harvest the new resources that are found in the new biome.

In regards to the Windmill, this same progression line is true. You’re unable to even craft this item until you defeat a specific boss. Moreover, the Windmill’s entire objective is only feasible after defeating this specific Foresaken god. Today, we’ll go over exactly how to access the Windmill and what to do with it once you’ve crafted it. 

Using the Windmill in Valheim

The Windmill is a useful tool to have in your base (Picture: Iron Gate) 

For starters, the first thing you need to do before even attempting to craft the Windmill is defeat Moder, the game’s fourth boss. Located in the Mountains, Moder is a tough boss to beat but we’ve laid out guidelines to show you exactly how to beat it in a previous article. 

Once you’ve conquered Moder, it’ll drop the Dragon’s Tear, which is the key element to crafting the Windmill. This object will unlock the Artisan Table, which is the crafting station that allows you to craft and place the wind-generated machine. 

After you’ve constructed an Artisan Table, the Windmill can be placed like any other crafting station. It needs to be within the table’s radius and given enough space. The resources needed to craft the Windmill are as follows: 

  • Stone x20
  • Wood x30
  • Iron Nails x30

If you’ve done everything correctly, you’ll have a functioning Windmill at your base. The next step is actually using it, which involves you heading to the Plains biome and collecting some Barley. The Windmill’s sole goal is to convert Barley into Barley Flour, which is used in crafting several high-level food recipes like Blood Pudding.

To find Barley, you need to head into Fuling Villages within the Plains and collect it off of the ground. Once you have enough, make your way to your base and put the Barley into the Windmill. To make the machine work though, wind needs to be blowing. 

However, the wind in Valheim is fairly hard to predict, so building additional Windmills all facing different directions is a wise practice.