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Valheim: How To Unlock And Use The Spinning Wheel

The Spinning Wheel in Valheim helps turn a useless resource into something incredibly worthwhile. Here is how to get it.
Valheim: How To Unlock And Use The Spinning Wheel

The Plains biome in Valheim is home to nearly all of the most advanced gear and tools you can acquire.

From the Blast Furnace to the Windmill, there are a ton of advanced items and stations crafted through resources found in the grassy biome. However, some of the items you may want might seem unattainable because you’re unsure of how to get the necessary resources. 

One such resource is Linen thread, which is used in creating some seriously advanced gear and weapons. To get Linen thread though, you need Flax, and to convert the Flax, you need a Spinning Wheel. Here, we’ll go over how to unlock the Spinning Wheel and how to use it. 

Unlocking and using the Spinning Wheel

Valheim spinning wheel
Spinning Flax into Linen thread is a worthwhile process in Valheim. (Picture: Iron Gate) 

To unlock the recipe for the Spinning Wheel, you need to unlock the Artisan Table. We’ve gone over how to do this in a previous guide but to sum up, you need to defeat the game’s fourth boss, Moder. The dragon boss drops the Dragon Tear, which will unlock the recipe for the Artisan Table.

Once you have the table, you can place it down like a Workbench and create three crafting stations, being the Windmill, Blast Furnace and Spinning Wheel. The wheel takes the following resources to craft:

  • Fine Wood x20
  • Iron Nails x10
  • Leather Scraps x5

If you have the materials, place the wheel down inside of the Artisan Table’s circular radius. Next, you need to acquire Flax, which can be found in Fuling Villages within the Plains. Flax is located on the ground of the villages and can simply be plucked like stone or a dandelion.

After you have enough Flax, head back to your base and insert the resource into the Spinning Wheel. You can insert up to 40 Flax at once. Every 30 seconds, the wheel will convert one Flax into Linen thread, which is used in crafting Blackmetal weapons, Padded Armor and the Porcupine mace.