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Valheim: The best Polearm to use

Polearms are an extremely versatile weapon in Valheim and there’s a consensus best one to use in the class.
Valheim: The best Polearm to use

In Valheim, there are several different weapon categories and skills that go along with them. From swords to axes to knives, most are relatively self-explanatory as to what they do. However, one that isn't is the Polearm category. 

For newer or even veteran players, Polearms are a bit of a mystery until you figure out what they actually are. If you haven’t figured it out, Polearms are Atgeirs, which are long spear-like weapons with an axe blade on the end of them. 

At first glance, the Atgeir might not seem worth using over something like a spear or regular sword. However, given the right opportunity and knowledge of what the Atgeir does, it can be one of the best weapons in Valheim. Of course, to maximize your success with the weapon, you need to equip the best one available to you. 

Picking the right Polearm in Valheim 

valheim polearmsThe right Polearm is a deadly weapon in the right hands. (Picture: Iron Gate)

In total, there are three Atgeirs currently in Valheim. Each does the exact same thing, which is to hurt enemies at a longer range than a sword or knife would. Realistically, you don’t ever have to be hit by a creature as long as you’re using the Polearm correctly. 

Although to kill enemies quicker, you’re going to want the best Polearm in class, which is undoubtedly the Blackmetal Atgeir. Possessing a Pierce stat of 105, this ranged weapon is certainly worth an inventory space. It’s extremely versatile and can help when you’re dealing with an enemy who’s attacking you with melee weapons. 

To unlock this Polearm, you need to have beaten the game’s fourth boss, Moder, and built a Blast Furnace. Next, you need to head out to the Plains biome and secure some Black Metal Scraps. You can then smelt down the scraps in the Blast Furnace to make bars and unlock the recipe for the Blackmetal Atgeir. 

how to get best valheim polearmThe Blackmetal Atgeir is by far the best Polearm in Valheim. (Picture: Iron Gate)

In addition to the scraps, you’ll also need 10 Fine Wood and 5 Linen Thread. The thread is also found in the Plains by finding Flax in Fuling Villages, which you can read about in our previous article.