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Gamescom 2018

Gamescom 2017 had record-breaking attendance, with 335,000 attendees, and 919 companies from 54 countries bringing the next generation of games and tech to the showroom floor. Cologne’s premier “Heart of Gaming” convention is back in 2018, aiming to once again bring hundreds of thousands of gaming fans to Germany from August 21 to 25. The indoor-outdoor gaming festival will feature everything from music and cosplay, to game industry job hunting and a social media panel. Every outdoor section will have unique theming, such as a summery beach or a family-oriented village. This year's edition is expected to break the previous exhibitor record for Gamescom, with the current level of bookings 20% higher than the 2017 figure. This means we can expect plenty of big reveals from the gaming industry's best-known developers. Especially interesting is Valve's presence at Gamescom: they haven't yet announced what they'll be revealing, but it seems reasonable to hope we'll be getting some Artifact news. And since Valve CEO Gabe Newell teased that Valve were planning even more "new games", perhaps there will be one or two other surprises in the Valve presentation. All the Gamescom action will, of course, be streamed on Twitch. What stream exactly that will be taking place on is still yet to be confirmed, though. We'll embed the stream on this page when we have all the info.


Written by GINX redaction

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