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Twitch partner Viperous unbanned after one week

Sidney “Viperous” Cellas has been unbanned, after serving a week-long ban from Twitch for “sharing content featuring gore or excessive blood”.
Twitch partner Viperous unbanned after one week
Fans will be happy to know that Sidney “Viperous” Cellas has returned to Twitch, after serving her second ban from the streaming platform, lasting one week. Viperous is popular for her Rainbow Six Siege and Fortnite gameplay and has over 63,000 followers and about 878,000 views. We can only hope that this time, she will remain unbanned for longer than just 24 hours.

What was the reason for Viperous’ ban?

In a previous article, we mentioned that Viperous was hit with her second ban, merely hours after serving her first ban from Twitch. The second ban, which lasted one week, was revealed to be the result of her showing “content featuring gore or excessive blood” on her channel. 

Viperous had submitted an appeal to Twitch, indicating that there was “zero blood or gore” in the anaesthesia video she was watching, however, Twitch later rejected the appeal. This prompted Viperous to serve the full duration of the ban.

(Picture: Twitch / Viperous)

According to a tweet posted by Viperous on the 17th of June 2021, Twitch elaborated on the reasoning for the ban, stating that “Twitch banned [her] for an FX makeup prop of a hand in a youtube video”. Frustrated, Viperous added saying, “but you show your p*** for 6 seconds and get a 24h ban. Actually mind blowing”.

Many other streamers, including Pokimane and CodeMiko, have expressed their concerns regarding Twitch’s moderation and alleged unfair disciplinary practices; and we can’t really blame them. Recently, Amouranth and Indiefoxx only served bans lasting 3 days, after exposing viewers to sexually suggestive content (despite receiving several prior bans for similar reasons). 

Amouranth asmr mic licking twitch
(Picture: Twitch / Amouranth)

In another incident, MissBehavin was banned for only 3 days, after broadcasting full-blown sexually explicit content meant for her OnlyFans. Alinity also previously exposed herself inappropriately (and presumably by accident) only to receive a 24-hour ban from Twitch.

alinity twitch streamer

(Picture: Twitch / Alinity)

It’s clear that Twitch has much work to do regarding its content moderation and should definitely consider standardising its disciplinary actions. We’re otherwise glad that Viperous had her account reinstated and we’re sure her fans look forward to having her back.

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