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MissBehavin banned from Twitch after accidently streaming content meant Only for her Fans

A Twitch streamer called MissBehavin seems to have accidentally live-streamed what was supposed to be an OnlyFans recording and got banned.
Update: MissBehavin has now been unbanned from Twitch after just three days.

Original story:

With the DMCA debacle, and Twitch even needing to clarify the usage of certain words such as "simp", there's a whole lot of things that streamers can do that could earn them a suspension from the platform.

However, in the case of Twitch streamer MissBehavin is it very clear, not only why she was banned, but if she deserves it.

MissBehavin's bares all and gets banned from Twitch

MissBehavin has an OnlyFans account, a site that sells exclusive access to content few other places would allow you to host.

It is suspected that MissBehaven erroneously went live on Twitch, rather than recording a video, with that particular piece of content definitely not suitable for the Amazon-owned platform.

missbehaving banned twitch partner onlyfans x-rated
(Picture: MissBehavin)

A ban soon followed, at the moment it is for three days, but it is very likely to get increased.

We won't show the clip which got MissBehavin banned, as it is NSFW.

MissBehavin claims it was an accident, explaining on Twitter: "You weren't there, chill out bro. I sell these for money why the f$%k would I want to give it out for free. I'm actually upset and pissed."

This was MisBehaven's first ban, however, the extreme adult nature of the footage might be a bit too much.

Hopefully, no underaged viewers saw the footage. Some things definitely can't be unseen.