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Twitch partner Viperous banned again and this time it could be unfairly

Sidney “Viperous” Cellas has received yet another ban from Twitch, less than 24 hours after being unbanned for her first violation.
Sidney “Viperous” Cellas is popular for her Rainbow Six Siege and Fortnite gameplay on Twitch, with over 63,000 followers and 878,049 total views to date. Unfortunately, her fans will have to do without her content for a while, as she has been clapped with yet another ban from the streaming platform.

Initially, she received a ban lasting two days, after a DMCA copyright strike on her channel for streaming CBS content on the 12th of June 2021. After being unbanned less than 24 hours ago, she was hit with a second ban, lasting for a further 7 days. Viperous also previously received a ban for the use of a racial slur in November 2019, however, Twitch later backtracked on, after an appeal was made.

Why was Viperous banned on Twitch again?

In true Viperous fashion, she swiftly took to Twitter to vent her anger and frustration. In the tweet, she attached an image of the ban notice, indicating that she was banned for “sharing content featuring core or excessive blood”. Twitch further indicated in the notice, that examples of violating content included broadcasting graphic medical surgery videos.

Sidney Cellas Viperous banned again reason Twitch streaming gore(Picture: Viperous / Twitter)

It’s clear from her tweet that she disagrees with the ban, citing: “DUDE WHAT!!! I was watching a video on anaesthesia awareness on YouTube that had zero blood or gore in it. WHAT THE F***!!!!!!!”, tagging Twitch at the end.

In a subsequent comment on the thread, Viperous indicated that she was banned for watching a video by YouTuber, Shane Dawson, later adding that “it was the most PG-13 anaesthesia awareness video I think I’ve ever seen”. At least she had good intentions.

Based on the comments, her fans would agree that Twitch’s decision was unfair. Hopefully, Twitch will rescind the ban, following her appeal. If not, then at least we know that the ban is not permanent and that her fans will be able to enjoy more Viperous content next week.

Sidney Cellas Viperous banned again reason Twitch streaming gore(Picture: GameRiv)

What are your thoughts though? Was Twitch fair in their decision or should Viperous use the time away from the platform to remind herself of Twitch’s Terms of Service?

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