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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Mayachin Shrine Walkthrough: Tips and Tricks

This Zelda Shrine is just like playing pinball! Very, very awkward pinball.
Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Mayachin Shrine Walkthrough: Tips and Tricks

Shrines are back in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, this time in the form of Zonai sanctums designed to test your skills with the Ultrahand, Fuse, Recall, and Ascend abilities granted by your fancy new hand, provided by the ancient king of Hyrule, Rauru. Mayachin Shrine will ask you to take advantage of the Ultrahand and a fixed mechanism in some specific ways to hit some awkward-to-reach targets with a ball, but we’ve prepared a quick and simple walkthrough to see you through cleanly, and even grab that extra chest. 

In this guide, we’ll provide each step needed to complete Mayachin Shrine fully, along with some tips to help you get to grips with the many options available to you.

Mayachin Shrine Location

Mayachin Shrine is located to the far south of Lookout Landing. If you’ve unlocked Susuyai Shrine, it’s nearly a straight shot south from there and easy to see, right beside the Exchange Ruins. Keep an eye out for a pack of Moblin and blue Bokoblins in the ruins, if you’re still in the early game, they’ll pose a threat, unless you’ve got a handle on every new ability and power in the game already.


Mayachin Shrine Solution

Upon entry, you’ll be met with the shrine’s subtitle: “A Fixed Device”. The theme of this shrine is the use of a single, switch-activated rotating mechanism, found in the centre of the room with a ball being lobbed towards it.


Make note of the spinning platform which is clearly fused to a similar mechanism using some Zonai magic and an implanted stake of some kind. The answer isn’t here, but it’s a good hint on what you’ll need to do.

Once across, stand on the pressure plate button and you’ll see a target light up on the nearby board, this is your goal: to hit the target with the provided ball.

Target 1: Solution


  1. Grab the stake beside the rotating mechanism using Ultrahand and lift it up.

  2. Place the stake into the face of the device.

  3. Grab one or both of the rods nearby and fuse them to the tip of the stake, creating a makeshift paddle.

  4. Pinball time: Head back to the switch and time hitting it just as the ball rolls by to send it up the ramp.

Target 2: Solution


A second target will appear, obscured by a hanging board with a slightly hidden stake behind/beneath it. You’ll need to work around this, so here’s what to do.

  1. Grab the stake and lift it up, rotating it upside and planting it in the same ceiling the board is chained to.

  2. Grab the board with Ultrahand, then lift/rotate it upwards and hit A to attach it to the stake’s tip.

  3. You’re now free to hit the ball toward the target.

  4. Flip the side you’ve got the rods and stake attached to the mechanism, then get ready to repeat hitting the switch in good timing.

Mayachin Shrine Rewards

As always, the main reward is a Light of Blessing, which can be used to increase your max hearts or stamina. For hitting the second target, you’ll earn an Energizing Elixir, which restores your stamina upon consumption. Handy for long climbs or swims!

That’s it for Mayachin Shrine, be sure to check out how to go underground in Tears of the Kingdom, or if spelunking’s not your vibe, why not try unlocking all of the custom Paraglider fabrics?