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Apex Legends fans want the Bocek Bow nerfed

The latest weapon to be added into the battle royale is a beast that's perhaps too overpowered for the vast majority of the community.
Apex Legends fans want the Bocek Bow nerfed

The latest Apex Legends Season 9 update, also known as Legacy, has brought tons of content to spice up Respawn's battle royale, and despite some early hiccups that stressed the community and devs alike, it seems the reception is mostly positive -- except when talking about the Bocek Bow.

The first of its kind, Respawn introduced both the Bow and a new type of weapon as it didn't fit any previous archetype, the Marksman weapons, and it seems the developers might have overtuned its damage output.

Is the Bow OP in Apex Legends?

bocek bow op
(Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

For pro players and casuals alike, the answer seems to be quite simple -- yes, the Bocek Bow is absolutely broken, but it's also one of the most fun weapons in the entire game.

On its own, the Bow has insane damage output, doing 70 dmg per body shot and 122 per headshot, making it an absolute killing machine in the hands of experienced players as it's a weapon that rewards mechanical skill.

Despite the high skill cap, the Bocek has fewer drawbacks than other Snipers, with a comparison versus the Sentinel garnering over 14k upvotes on the official Apex Legends subreddit.

bocek bow op
(Picture: /u/Renegade_Edge)

On top of this, with the Deadeye’s Tempo hop-up, the fire rate of the Bow is faster, making its DPS capabilities even better, plus, it has access to multiple sights including the 3x HCOG ‘Ranger' which can help it become the best precision weapon in Apex Legends.

TSM's Phillip "ImperialHal" Dosen, one of Apex Legends' most successful pro players, also wants a nerf despite calling the weapon "fun" to use. This sentiment is spread out to other content creators, with seemingly the entire community agreeing on it.

Will the Bocek Bow be nerfed?

Right now is impossible to tell, as it's very early in Season 9 and things might change down the road, but Respawn doesn't shy away from tuning guns as they see fit.

If the sentiment continues in the coming weeks, we might see a slap on the wrist to the bow further down the line. 

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