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Andrew Tate Hits Back At Meta Ban, Claims It Was A "Personal Attack"

Andrew Tate hit back at Meta in a Twitch live stream with Adin Ross, saying his Facebook and Instagram ban is "kind of flattering."
Andrew Tate Hits Back At Meta Ban, Claims It Was A "Personal Attack"

Andrew Tate is easily among the most talked-about influencers online; however, his deeply controversial opinionated takes often attract criticism. From his “anti-women” rants to saying only women “benefit” from marriage, the influencer's stance on contentious topics has otherwise helped him gain tremendous traction on the internet, albeit not for the best reasons.

Consequently, on 19th August 2022, Meta banned Andrew Tate from Facebook and Instagram after the company decided that his account violated its policies on “dangerous organizations and individuals." In a recent response, Andrew Tate hit back at the matter, stating it was a “personal attack.”

Andrew Tate Responds To Facebook & Instagram Ban

andrew tate banned instagram facebook
Andrew Tate is banned from Instagram and Facebook for violating Meta's policy on "dangerous organizations and companies." (Picture: Instagram / Andrew Tate)

In a 20th August 2022 Twitch live stream with Adin Ross, Andrew Tate discussed various topics, including his ban from Instagram and Facebook, why it happened, and his disagreement. Accordingly, the four-time world kickboxing champion believed that he was a “positive” force as an influencer.

Andrew Tate said, “I understand why platforms have certain responsibilities; I understand all of this. I’m working with the right people, and I believe God has a plan.” The former kickboxer continued, “I’m not emotional about it; I’m not even thinking about it.”

Proceeding this statement, Andrew Tate revealed he felt “relieved,” saying the “real world is a beautiful place.” By getting kicked off Facebook and Instagram, he deleted more apps from his phone, allowing him to experience the “real world” more often.

Andrew Tate believed that Meta’s action to ban him from Facebook and Instagram was a “personal attack” against him, considering that he’s been a "positive" role model for people. However, he also noted the banning from Instagram and Facebook felt “kind of flattering” to “some degree.”

andrew tate not emotional banning
Andrew Tate's not "emotional" about the banning and says he's "not even thinking about it." (Picture: Instagram / Andrew Tate)

The kickboxer added, ”[I help] stop people from committing suicide. Like every single week, people are like, ‘I found your videos, I’ve never felt so happy, I understand myself better, I’ve never worked so hard in the gym,' so I know I’m a positive force.”

“It’s just a small minority group which have decided to purport lies and try and falsify information about me and a personal attack,” Andrew Tate said. Later in the stream, Adin Ross asked the viral internet star “what’s next” after he “conquered” social media. 

Andrew Tate replied, “[...] I can continue to conquer the internet, like losing Instagram doesn’t change anything for me. [...] My life’s pretty complete, and there’s not much more for me to do.” Andrew Tate also noted there wasn’t much more to do beyond the internet as he’s already “conquered” it.

Whether or not Andrew Tate will ever return to Meta's platforms is a  matter of debate; regardless, the influencer seems unfazed. On a different note, whether Meta's banning will have much impact in quelling his seemingly rapid social media takeover remains to be seen. This follows the condition that many of Andrew Tate's most controversial remarks are wholly circulated by his fans (and haters, ironically) alike.

We will endeavor to update you regarding any further developments.

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Featured image courtesy of Instagram / Andrew Tate.