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NICKMERCS runs into first Apex Legends hacker

Twitch star and Warzone icon NICKMERCS recently played against his first hacker in Apex Legends Season 10 and here's what he has to say about it.
NICKMERCS runs into first Apex Legends hacker

Nick "NICKMERCS" Kolcheff is a popular personality within the Call of Duty Warzone community but recently switched to playing Apex Legends amidst the ongoing hacking issues in the game. He also previously shared his reasons on why he prefers playing Apex Legends, which surprised many fans. More recently, NICKMERCS talked about his first-ever account with a cheater in Apex Legends Season 10 but revealed that it is a lot better than his experience was in Warzone.

NICKMERCS runs into first Apex Legends hacker

On the 13th of August, NICKMERCS described how he faced his first-ever hacker in Apex Legends the other day and his immediate thought was "oh no, here we go again!"

NICKMERCS reveals first experience cheater hacker in Apex Legends.
NICKMERCS tells about first hand experience with a hacker in Apex Legends. (Picture: YouTube / NICKMERCS)

He also jokingly said he thinks that perhaps hackers were following him. "I don't know if it's because of the viewership or how many people we have in the streams but... bro, these hackers are just following me, I think," said NICKMERCS.

NICKMERCS further added that he doesn't "hate" on Apex at all because they "go the extra mile" to remove cheaters from the game. In the video, he said: "I had this guy in my chat named 'HideOuts' who literally [and] actively bans these guys if we ever do see 'em."

NICKMERCS playing apex legends warzone cheating
NICKMERCS prefers playing Apex Legends over Warzone. (Picture: YouTube / NICKMERCS & EA / Respawn)

The Warzone icon also pointed to the fact that Apex Legends does have an anti-cheat (that works), saying that "it's better" than Warzone but "is still a problem."

We certainly agree with NICKMERCS on this one. Cheating in Apex Legends isn't nearly as prevalent compared to that in Warzone, which demonstrates the superior anti-cheat system that Respawn has in place.

NICKMERCS switch apex legends cod warzone cheating crisis
NICKMERCS switched to playing Apex Legends amidst cheating crisis in Warzone. (Picture: YouTube / NICKMERCS)

Many streamers that switched from Warzone to Apex Legends also realized that they were having a better gaming experience in the game. This complements our previous sentiment about the overall better gameplay environment of Apex Legends right now.

You can watch NICKMERC's account of cheating in Apex Legends in the video embedded below.

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Header image via YouTube / NICKMERCS.