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Bandle Tale Unexpected Consequences Quest And Walkthrough

The portal system for Bandle City is destroyed, and they need to figure out what's next in the Unexpected Consequences quest for Bandle Tale.
Bandle Tale Unexpected Consequences Quest And Walkthrough
(Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

The Yordle Hero and Clover assisted Ozzy in his party planning at the Unity Tree before granting the hero to charge the portal with his Portal Yarn. Unfortunately, the yarn was tangled, although it's unclear if this caused the portal system's collapse, which they'll begin investigating in the Unexpected Consequences quest.

Gaining information from the remaining Yordles at the location, players will work alongside Tristana on the events that led to the portals' collapse. Find out which Yordles survived the collapse of the portals and learn from Tristana what happened by following the objectives listed below for the Unexpected Consequences quest in Bandle Tale.

Bandle Tale Unexpected Consequences Quest Objectives List

Everything was going smoothly as they helped Ozzy throw another one of his amazing parties, but something went horribly wrong. His Portal Yarn, while appearing tangled, was activated and caused the portal to crash, and the remaining portals and bridges were subsequently destroyed.

bandle tale league of legends story quests guide unexpected consequences quest objectives clean junk unity tree
Clean up the junk left behind following the portal's collapse before chatting to a few Yordles who survived the events. (Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

With the Yordle hero stuck at the Unity Tree with the remaining survivors, they'll inspect the area and check which other Yordles have survived the collapse for the Unexpected Consequences quest. Below are the quest objectives to guide players during this quest and inform Tristana of what has happened:

  • Clean up Junk from Unity Tree (0/5)
  • Talk to Gerbo
  • Talk to Veigar
    • Talk to Tristana

How To Complete The Unexpected Consequences Quest In Bandle Tale?

After players helped Ozzy plan a party at the Unity Tree, which ended with the Yordle hero charging the portal, a cataclysmic event occurs, which saw Ozzy, Clover, and a few other Yordles sucked into the portal. As a result, the Unity Tree is left in shambles as the remaining Yordles piece together what had happened and how to move forward, which they can speak to Tristana.

They'll need to clean up the debris left behind by the portal's destruction before lending their services to help out other Yordles, like Gerbo and Veigar. Gerbo informs players that the portal system is crucial to trading across Bandle City, and they'll need to repair this system and get everyone back to the Unity Tree.

After rescuing Penelope and Jasper, who were stuck under the debris, both state that this is Ozzy's worst party he has thrown and wonders who else has survived this unfortunate event. Veigar, on the other hand, congratulates them on sabotaging the party, stating that their plan to ruin the party had worked.

bandle tale league of legends story quests guide unexpected consequences quest objectives talk to veigar
Veigar believes the Yordle hero sabotaged the portal system using Ozzy's Portal Yarn during the Dream Come True quest. (Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

While explaining that the collapse of the portal system was a complete "accident," Veigar appears upset at the revelation before they can speak to Tristana on the Yordles that they've helped out. They can explain to them that something's wrong with Ozzy's Portal Yarn; Tristana reveals that most of the portals and bridges are broken but has a plan to fix them.

She explains that she's awaiting a friend with a flying machine, who happens to be Corki, as Tristana informs that they need to evacuate Unity Tree but also get the Yordle hero back to Yarnville. Before departing, Tristana states they can find them at Bandle Center before joining Corki on their flying machine back to Yarnville.

Corki's flying machine malfunctions and lands in Yarnville as they'll look for Gramps somewhere in Yarnville. This completes the Unexpected Consequences quest, in which they can earn a Skill Point and 10 Badge XP towards the Knitting Pupil Badge in Bandle Tale.