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Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Battle Pass Release Date and rewards

Battlefield will get its first official Battle Pass in Season 1 Zero Hour.
Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Battle Pass Release Date and rewards

Aside from a new map and a deadly chopper, Battlefield 2042 will be getting plenty of new rewards to earn through the Battle Pass in Season 1 Zero Hour. The concept of a Battle Pass is nothing new, but for a game like Battlefield, these features have never been fully implemented.

Compared to other games in the same genre, the Zero Hour Battle Pass seems par for the course in terms of rewards. Reaching the final tier will likely take most of the season and having the premium version may help boost the XP gained, but that remains to be seen. Premium tiers and free tiers full of rewards are a guarantee though.

Season 1 Zero Hour - Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass rewards and date

Plane Battle Pass
Vehicle Skins and decals are included in the pass. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

In total, there are 100 tiers in the Battle Pass, regardless of whether you have the free or the premium version. The only difference between those two is the free version will limit how many of the rewards can be claimed. Premium holders can expect to unlock everything as the levels continue.

As for what the pass contains, many of the items are cosmetics, which is expected. The only four slots that aren't cosmetic are the new content pieces added with Season 1. This includes the Operator Lis, two new weapons, and smoke grenade launcher equipment. Some of the expected items are listed below.

  • Instant: All-seeing Eyes - Legendary Angel Skin
  • Level 09: Ripped to Shreds: Rare M5A3 Weapon Charm
  • Level 14: Observant - Epic Rao Specialist Cosmetic
  • Level 21: Chameleon: Rare Rao Specialist Set
  • Level 35: They Come Out at Night - Rare Player Card Background
  • Level 41: Staff Sergeant - Rare Irish Specialist Set
  • Level 46: Panorama Cruiser - Rare SU-57 Felon skin
  • Level 49: Flaming Hot  - Rare Vehicle Decal
  • Level 56: Valkyrie - Epic Player Card Background
  • Level 63: Focus Fire - Rare Vehicle Decal
  • Level 65: Campfire Boomstick - Epic GVT 45-70 Weapon Skin
  • Level 70: Aerial Escort: Rare Player Card Tag
  • Level 77: VCAR Electro - Rare Player Card Background
  • Level 84: Blizzard Bandit - Epic Dozer Specialist Cosmetic
  • Level 91: 100 Battlefield Coins - Legendary
  • Level 97: Star Defender - Epic NTW-50 Weapon Skin
  • Level 100: Skybreaker - Legendary Lis Specialist Set
Lis tier 100
The final tier includes a skin for the new Lis Specialist. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

Keep in mind that the items listed above are only a fraction of the total rewards, but the list contains nearly every type of item that you will encounter. Anyone who decides not to spend money on the pass can also earn some of the free tiers that provide specialist sets and weapon skins. However, none of the super rare rewards or Battlefield Coins will be part of the free tiers.

This Battle Pass will release alongside Season 1 on the 9th of June. Presumably, the pass will be the standard price found in other games unless DICE makes a sudden change. If Premium players use their cards right, they may also be able to use their coins to buy the Season 2 pass.

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Featured image courtesy of Electronic Arts.