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Battlefield 2042 BSV-M DMR - How to unlock and stats

A brand new DMR called BSV-M enters the Battlefield in Season 1 and here's how you can get it.
Battlefield 2042 BSV-M DMR - How to unlock and stats

Zero Hour isn't far off in Battlefield 2042, and with a new season on the horizon, everyone can expect new weapons such as the BSV-M DMR. There are two major weapons arriving in the new update, and both of them are precision-based tools that can take enemies out in just a trigger pull or two.

One of the new weapons is a Crossbow, and that makes the BSV-M rifle the first major gun to be added to Battlefield 2042 since the initial release back in November of 2020. It's also the first weapon of the bunch that won't be tied directly to the normal unlock system.

How to unlock the BSV-M DMR in Battlefield 2042

Battle Pass reward
Level the Battle Pass to earn new content. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

In the first official season of Battlefield 2042, the brand new weapons will be tied to the Battle Pass. This may be the first true Battle Pass that appears in a Battlefield game, but that doesn't mean there is much difference in comparison to games such as Call of Duty or even Fortnite. The Battle Pass will have free and premium tiers.

DICE has already confirmed in the past that all-new playable will be part of the premium tiers and that makes earning a weapon such as the BSV-M fairly simple. All you'll have to do is level up the Season 1 Battle Pass rather than the base player level. In the case of the BSV-M DMR, the level you need to reach is 17.

Aside from the new Operator known as Lis, this is one of the quickest pieces of content to earn in the new pass. There is no guarantee yet if there will be a boost on pass XP for buying the premium version, but that would help carry along the process of unlocking.

When Season 1 ends and the second begins, the unlock method will need to change for the new DMR. If Battlefield is anything like other shooters containing a pass, then new weapons will later be tied to challenges in order to unlock them.

BSV-M stats in Battlefield 2042 Season 1

BSV-M stats
The new DMR has select fire modes. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

The BSV-M looks like an assault rifle but is set up as a DMR. These weapons are all made for mid to long-range fights and can serve as fantastic counter snipers. In some cases, they can be used as useful close-quarters fights, but that won't happen often.

What separates this DMR from others though is the fire selection. The gun can be used effectively in semi-automatic or automatic fire. Having the options for different scopes at any time also makes the range potential nearly infinite. It takes about three body shots or two headshots to take a player out. Below are all the base stats.

  • Firepower: 65
  • Accuracy: 56
  • Range: 56
  • Handling 27
  • Rate of fire: 400
  • Magazine size: 10

And that's all about BF2042 stats. For more awesome content, head to our dedicated Battlefield section full of guides, updates, news, and more!


Featured image courtesy of Electronic Arts.