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All new Legendary and Mythic weapons in COD: Mobile Season 6

Here is your first look at the Legendary and Mythic weapons players will be able to acquire in Season 6 of COD Mobile, “The Heat”.
All new Legendary and Mythic weapons in COD: Mobile Season 6
A new cycle has begun in COD Mobile, as the release of Season 6 aka “The Heat” brings new maps, modes, balance changes, features and events for players to enjoy, and as always, a brand-new battle pass packed with exclusive rewards.

Among the most awaited content for the season, we will find the priced Legendary and Mythic weapons, skin variations for some of the best and newest guns in COD: Mobile that features lots of changes into the weapons, like renewed models, special effects, and unique animations.

Legendary and Mythic weapons in COD: Mobile Season 6

All of these skin weapons will be available through the Lucky Draws during Season 6, although some of these could also be obtained as blueprints. With that said, let’s take a closer look at all five of the Legendary and Mythic weapons added in this new season.

DR-H - Purebred

COD Mobile Season 6 The Heat DR-H Purebred

AGR 556 - Ripper

COD Mobile Season 6 The Heat AGR 556 Ripper

MX9 - Heartless

COD Mobile Season 6 The Heat MX9 Heartless

Flashbang Grenade - Deep Tech

COD Mobile Season 6 The Heat Flashbang Grenade Deep Tech

Rytec AMR - Nautilus

COD Mobile Season 6 The Heat Rytec AMR Nautilus

M4 - Court Jester (exclusive for China)

COD Mobile Season 6 The Heat M4 Court Jester

As you can see, the first three revealed have a more suitable style to the theme of Season 6, with the one for the DR-H shining like gold and featuring an intricate design, with leather details and even a menacing dog grip.

Next up we have the styles for the AGR 556 and one of the latest additions into the game’s arsenal, the MX9. These two look like they were brought straight from hell, with both featuring fiery details and diabolic red and black bodies.

The Mythic weapon of Season 6 goes this time to the new Rytec AMR, which in contrast to the ones we talked about, has a more aquatic style in its look and animations.

Lastly, we find a special skin for the M4, exclusive for Chinese players, although it looks very similar to one released in the global version, but with more updates, details, and improvements.

You can see them all in action in the video we will share below, courtesy of Squally.

Season 6 of COD: Mobile, “The Heat”, is now available for Android and iOS devices. You can find out how to download it for your Android mobile in the article right below.

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