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Fans Think Dead By Daylight Should Increase Its Gore Factor

Dead by Daylight fans think that the game's Moris could use a little more gore, according to a Reddit thread.
Fans Think Dead By Daylight Should Increase Its Gore Factor

Dead by Daylight fans have long debated the amount of gore in the game, with many players believing that the trials could use a little more blood and guts. While many modern horror games go all out in their violence, showing graphic violence, Dead by Daylight tends to hold back in these areas, instead maintaining a focus on gameplay and lore.

In a thread on the official Dead by Daylight subreddit, players discussed their opinions on the gore in the game, including the killers' iconic Memento Mori animations.

Not Enough Gore In Dead By Daylight?

dead by daylight mori
Dead by Daylight's Memento Mori animations are by far the most gory part of the game. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Many fans took to the Reddit thread to express their opinions that the has far too little gore and is hardly a horror game at all, given the lack of gory scenes and animations.

"It was set out as a horror game and ended up a cartoon meme machine," said one commenter. "Where did it all go wrong?"

Most of the current gore in Dead by Daylight is in the game's Memento Mori animations, which allow a killer to take down a survivor with their own hands. The game's Mori animations show killers pulling survivors' hearts from their chests, chainsawing survivors in half (such as Leatherface's Mori), and decapitating them.

Needless to say, the content is pretty graphic in nature - but the game holds back from showing fans extreme gore, instead opting to show minimal blood even in the most graphic scenarios. Even after survivors are decapitated in The Demogorgon's Memento Mori animation, for example, there is very little blood, and survivors are pictured on the ground with no visible injuries.

Dead By Daylight - More Than Just A Horror Game

dead by daylight horror gore
Dead by Daylight is more than just a horror game, with many fans falling in love with its gameplay and visuals. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

One fan mentioned that, while Dead by Daylight is a horror game, not all fans want to see more gore. Behaviour Interactive's choice to limit the amount of gore included in the game has allowed them to interest a wide crowd of fans despite its 18+ rating. Many fans have come to love the game for aspects like making builds, playing alongside friends, and looping rather than the horror and gore.

"I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I didn't get into the game because of a love for horror movies; some specific Moris are pretty rough on me," one commenter said. "I think outside of Moris the game is super tame, but I'd like an option [not to have] to watch them personally - if that option exists, they're free to make them [gorier] because people like me can just opt out!"

More Gore Could Get Dead By Daylight Banned

Not only would including more gory animations in Dead by Daylight possibly thin out the player base by causing weak-stomached fans to turn away, but it would also prevent the game's release in some Asian and European countries. These countries disallow extreme violence and dismemberment in video games. Currently, Dead by Daylight is not banned in any country, and Behaviour Interactive would definitely like to keep it that way to maximize its sales and user base.

More gore could also prevent streamers and creators from uploading Dead by Daylight content to YouTube. YouTube's recent policy updates disallow monetization for videos that include video game violence in the first 30 seconds.

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