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How To Find Demonologist's Silent Hill Easter Egg

Here's how and where to find Demonologist's Silent Hill 4 secret and Easter egg.
How To Find Demonologist's Silent Hill Easter Egg
Demonologist developers pay homage to classic horror with a Silent Hill 4 reference in-game. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

Demonologist is chock-full of Easter eggs for players to explore, and new ones are found by fans often; some of those Easter eggs are references to other games, such as the game's Silent Hill 4 secret. If you're a fan of Konami's Silent Hill franchise and you're looking forward to the upcoming Silent Hill remake by Bloober Team or the other games in the works, you'll no doubt enjoy this reference to one of the games in the series.

Without further ado, let's take a look at how to find Demonologist's Silent Hill 4 Easter egg so you can enjoy the game's cheeky little reference for yourself.

How To Find Demonologist's Silent Hill 4 Easter Egg

silent hill 2 demonologist
Demonologist references Konami's Silent Hill franchise with an Easter egg on one of its maps. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

Players can find the Silent Hill 4 Easter egg on the Hospital map. Since you can't access this Easter egg on any other map as it requires you to be in a certain room, you'll have to unlock the Hospital map before proceeding.

After starting a ghost hunt on the hospital map, you'll need to find a room with a large hole in the wall. Whether you've played Silent Hill 4: The Room or not, you definitely can't miss this huge hole on the wall, but if you do happen to be a Silent Hill fan, you'll also recognize its distinctive appearance from Henry Townshend's room.

To activate the Easter egg, stand in front of the hole in the wall and say "Room" - yes, a reference to Silent Hill 4: The Room - and prepare for a jump scare. It's a quick little scare, but it's a nice touch by developers that Silent Hill fans will no doubt appreciate.

It's also a nod to Silent Hill that this Easter egg is situated on the Hospital map; unsettling hospitals happen to be a mainstay in Silent Hill, with Silent Hill 2 protagonist James Sunderland venturing through one in his efforts to find his wife as he confronts his own demons.

The Silent Hill 4 Easter egg is just one of many little secrets in the game, with players also discovering mysteries like Maria's Room and the Abandoned House's Dream Room. If you're a fan of Demonologist, you'll definitely want to explore as many of them as possible! Like this Easter egg, most other secrets are map-specific, so checking out all of the game's environments is best if you're looking to uncover every mystery.