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Destiny 2 Hotfix

Bungie has released hotfix for Destiny 2. Here's all the changes and fixes included in it during the weekly reset.
Destiny 2 Hotfix

Destiny 2 Season of Plunder has been a roller coaster ride so far. On one hand, fans love the new seasonal activities, weapons, and armor. On the other, there have been a plethora of balancing issues with some of the weapons and abilities. The new King Fall's raid has had its own performance issues since its launch. 

Thankfully, Bungie has now released a new hotfix 6.2.03 for Destiny 2 which fixes some of the ongoing issues. Here are the full notes for Destiny 2 hotfix

Everything included in Destiny 2 hotfix

destiny 2 new hotfix
Bungie has a released new hotfix for Destiny 2 that fixes some of the King's Fall raid issues. (Picture: Bungie)

As mentioned above, hotfix primarily focuses on fixing the newly launched King's Fall raid. However, Bungie has also optimized some of the notable weapons and Arc abilities in this small update.


King's Fall

  • Fixed issues where players could repeatedly die when revived during the Basilica and Oryx encounters while the encounter wipe happens. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Overzealous Triumph requirement was unclear and could not be completed. 
  • Fixed an issue where the selection of the rune during The Crux section of King’s Fall would prevent completion of the secret Deepsight weapon chest puzzle. 
  • Fixed an issue where the King's Fall carries stat was not being incremented. 
  • Fixed an issue where the following buffs and debuffs were missing icons: 
      • Aura of the Unraveler 
      • Aura of the Weaver 
      • Unstable Light 
      • Channeling Corrupted Light 



destiny 2 quicksilver storm auto rifle
The new hotfix re-enables the Quicksilver Storm Auto Rifle. (Picture: Bungie)


  • Fixed an issue where the Vallhund Exotic ornament had an incorrect tooltip and was missing from the ornaments screen.



  • Fixed an issue where a shaped BxR-55 Battler didn't receive a Masterwork border when a player included two enhanced perks and an enhanced intrinsic perk.
  • Fixed an issue where Quicksilver Storm grenades could add permanent buffs to your character. 
      • Quicksilver Storm has been re-enabled.
      • Telesto has been reprimanded.



  • Fixed an issue where Stormtrance's damage was not increasing over time while attacking.
  • Fixed an issue where Fists of Havoc could be activated while the player was in an active Ballistic Slam, resulting in a very, very... very long initial leap.
  • Fixed an issue where specific melee abilities (notably Shiver Strike and Thunderclap) were not activating at close range when using the Charged Melee keybind.



  • Fixed a Silver sync issue on the Epic Games Store that blocked some players from completing Silver and entitlement purchases. 

And that's everything included in Destiny 2 hotfix

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Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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