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How to complete Tracing the Stars III in Destiny 2: All Atlas Skews locations

A new Tracing the Stars quest is now available in Destiny 2 with the 7th September weekly reset, here's everything you need to know about it.
How to complete Tracing the Stars III in Destiny 2: All Atlas Skews locations

Update: The final exotic quest A Hollow Coronation is now live, check out our guide right here.

Original story:

Destiny 2's Season of the Lost is here, promising an exciting time for Guardians leading up to the release of The Witch Queen expansion early in 2022.

Being two weeks into Season 15, fans have had time to grind the new season pass, collect the fresh weapons available from different activities, and dive deep into the Iron Banner. Now, the continuation of Tracing the Stars is here. 

The quest is refreshed upon each weekly reset and it will ultimately reward players with an exotic Trace rifle as it's directly tied to Wayfinder's Voyage, with over 50 steps to complete, Bungie has made it so only a few can be completed after each reset.

We've already covered how to complete week one and week two Tracing the Stars. Without further ado, let's see what Tracing the Stars II has to offer.

How to complete Tracing the Stars 3 in Destiny 2

Like always, you'll be able to pick this quest from the Wayfinder's Compass, go talk to Mara Sov in her special section of the H.E.L.M and she'll set you to look for another set of Atlas Skews.

Where to find Atlas Skews

Just like the previous two weeks, the Atlas Skews are spread out across The Dreaming City, the locations marked this time are:

  • Rheasilvia Secluded Statue
  • Rheasilvia Lower Level
  • Rheasilvia Temple Overlook
  • Harbinger Sidehall Statue
  • Harbinger Ahamkara Skulls

Rheasilvia Lower Level

atlas skew
First Atlas Skew of Tracing the Stars III. (Picture: Bungie)

Once you land on the Divalian Mists Landing Zone, head towards Rheasilvia via the pathway on the left side of the map (the one with a chest marked on the map). 

From there, head on towards the right side of the bridge and look down, for reference, it's near the spot where two chests are marked, simply drop down and you'll spot it easily.

destiny 2 atlas skew
One down, four to go. (Picture: Bungie)

Rheasilvia Temple Overlook

second atlas skew location
Second Atlas Skew location. (Picture: Bungie)

As soon as you pick up the first Atlas Skew, move north of the area until you reach a rock formation that has a direct view of the Awoken Temple, there's a patrol right next to the Skew if you need further reference. 

atlas skew two
Second Atlas Skew collected. (Picture: Bungie)

Rheasilva Secluded Statue

third atlas skew
Third Atlas Skew location. (Picture: Bungie)

Keep on moving as if you were going to enter the Awoken ruins and head right to the rocky formation for a bit of platforming, jump between a large gap until you're essentially facing the Temple and keep climbing until you see the Skew.

atlas skew third
Nice view, isn't it? (Picture: Bungie)

Harbinger Sidehall Statue

fourth atlas skew
Location of the fourth Atlas Skew. (Picture: Bungie)

Remember that Awoken building we just passed? Time to go in it. Go in a straight line and turn right once you hit a wall, this will lead you to the Harbinger's Seclude area.

Take two lefts and one right, once you're in the more open area, head straight and turn right when you see, you guessed it, a side hall, the Skew should appear on your map.

fourth atlas skew
One more to go. (Picture: Bungie)

Harbinger Ahamkara Skulls

final atlas skew
The location of the final Atlas Skew. (Picture: Bungie)

The final Skew is located on the other side of Harbinger's Seclude, so move to the left side of the area you're currently in, the reference here is seeing the spot where you place lures during Wrathborn Hunts. If you see it, look down to your right and land right in that spot, head to your right through the small tunnel and into a new area similar to the one you were in, the Skew is at the end of the section.

atlas skew final location
Time to go to the H.E.L.M. (Picture: Bungie)

Once you have all the five Atlas Skews, head back to the H.E.L.M and activate the special  A Hollow Coronation event from the directory. Place the Skews in the highlighted artifact and the mission should end, simply enjoy the lore and then talk to the Compass once again to collect your reward, the new Chrysura Melo auto rifle.

If you're looking for a more visual guide, check out Esoterickk's YouTube video which we have embedded down below.


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