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Digimon Survive Fangmon Boss Guide – How To Beat And Strategies

A missing professor forces you and your allies to go head-to-head against a red-colored fox. Here’s how to defeat Fangmon in Digimon Survive.
Digimon Survive Fangmon Boss Guide – How To Beat And Strategies
Digimon Survive's gameplay mainly comprises of dialogue interactions with your allies and their Digimon, which also includes the plethora of monstrous threats you will encounter. As you navigate the Digital World, utilize its turn-based combat mechanics to defeat your foes while the Karma System feature determines the fates of those around you.

After Dokugumon, Fangmon is the next enemy Digimon you and your friends must face; however, its destructive attacks are more than you can handle. This guide will explain how to defeat Fangmon and which strategies would best work in this boss battle in Digimon Survive.

How to beat Fangmon in Digimon Survive?

digimon survive boss guide fangmon how to beat dialogue options encouragement
Offer encouragement to your allies to proceed forth with the battle against Fangmon. (Picture: YouTube / PINOY-GOUKI-RAGE)

Fangmon, following Dokugumon, is the second major boss players will face towards the end of the game's story in Part 2. After the previous boss, you'll find that this boss is a little trickier; but before the battle begins, a cutscene is played by which you'll can either offer encouragement or berate your party.

By offering encouragement, you and your party will muster enough motivation to face Fangmon head-on; however, the best part of this battle is that you'll start with a digivolution. If you glance at its stats, preparing for the battle will help, as ignoring them will see you struggle significantly.

Going into this battle with Labramon digivolving into Dobermon, this guarantee you have digivolve Agumon at this point. Much like the Dokugumon boss battle, you'll have to handle the weaker enemies first, straight ahead and on the steps to the left.

digimon survive boss guide fangmon how to beat labramon digivolve
At the start of the boss battle, Labramon will digivolve, giving you a strong Digimon to use in combat. (Picture: YouTube / PINOY-GOUKI-RAGE)

Keep moving the remaining Digimon towards the dam area to handle the enemies up ahead before tackling Fangmon. Flank your positions behind Fangmon as you and your allies can overwhelm the Digimon should be enough to deplete its health and successfully defeat him.

While he'll not die, instead just run away, you'll have the option to either take a moment to rest, go after Fangmon or leave the dam area. Regardless of your selection, you and your allies must piece together the Professor's location as a fog creeps within the dam.

The best strategies to beat Fangmon in Digimon Survive

digimon survive boss guide fangmon best strategies weaker enemies
Take care of the weaker enemies on the dam's left before handling Fangmon. (Picture: YouTube / PINOY-GOUKI-RAGE)

You can approach this boss battle in two ways: attack the weaker enemies first before going after Fangmon or divide the group to target Fangmon and the weaker enemies. While divide and conquer may work, the party will become more vulnerable in this instance, making it easier for Fangmon to pick you and your allies off.

The enemies on the stairs left of the battle arena may have low moving stats, so there's a chance they won't be able to reach the higher ground, so having a Digimon stay behind can be beneficial. The way to approach this battle is to move straight ahead and eliminate the threats protecting Fangmon.

digimon survive boss guide fangmon best strategies head to head
After clearing the enemies from the area, you and your allies can go after Fangmon. (Picture: YouTube / PINOY-GOUKI-RAGE)

During the battle, you'll want to evolve most of the Digimon in your party, which can come in handy, especially when dealing with Fangmon's powerful attacks. One of its attacks can inflict 500 DMG, eliminating non-digivolved monsters in one hit, so having strong Digimons is vital.

Once you've eliminated all the threats, flank the Digimon's position from behind to deal massive damage. Fangmon is susceptible to electric damage, so any Digimon that can inflict electric damage will help and have Betamon in your party.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / PINOY-GOUKI-RAGE.