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Pro Fortnite players disappointed with competitive update

With each Fortnite update comes a litany of complaints, but this time pro players are very upset for one specific reason: changes to stretched resolution. This came from a competitive Fortnite state of development update posted by Epic Games The changes announced are locked only to Fortnite's competitive modes, though this does make it pointless using stretched res in standard matchmaking. The resolution in Arena mode and competitive in-game events will be locked at a 16:9 aspect ratio, the native resolution that a large majority of pro players choose not to use due to its limited field of view. Naturally, you can see why these players are upset, especially when the $30m Fortnite World Cup grows ever closer. Here's how different players reacted: Tyler "Ninja" Blevins simply doesn't know what Epic is doing https://twitter.com/Ninja/status/1113514500538474497 Ryan "Chap" Chaplo believes Epic Games are incompetent at running anything competitive https://twitter.com/LiquidChap/status/1113524216756887558 Tom "Tommo" Owers makes a pretty bold statement, suggesting that a number of overpowered weapons or features would be better than playing on a native resolution https://twitter.com/tommo_/status/1113504876330397696 Nickmercs is simply confused about the timing of the change, so close to Fortnite World Cup qualifiers. https://twitter.com/NICKMERCS/status/1113506293522632707 Needless to say, most pro players aren't impressed with how Epic Games are running things, and this is just the latest spanner in the works. $30m might make it worth it though. Elsewhere, Epic Games made replays available to competitors in the Luxe Cup, started working on numerous performance improvements and are looking into loading players into a creative island whilst experiencing extended queue times.