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Best Fortnite Zombie Map Codes (July 2023)

Face off against hordes of the undead with our list of the best Fortnite Creative Zombies map codes to use.
Best Fortnite Zombie Map Codes (July 2023)

If you've been checking out the tons of content available in Fortnite Creative, you've likely come across the plethora of Zombie Maps to try out. But with all these options, it can be daunting to test each and find the best map to play. 

If you find the number of Zombie maps to choose from a bit much, then you're not alone. So to help you choose the best ones to play when booting up Fortnite, below, we list the best Fortnite Zombie maps codes to play in Fortnite Creative

Best Fortnite Zombie Map Codes Built by players top 5
Below are the top 5 zombie maps built by players for players. (Picture: Epic Games)

Best Fortnite Zombie Map Codes

According to most fans right now, roughly five maps are considered the cream of the crop to choose from when it comes to the best Zombie map codes in Fortnite Creative.

Below we've broken down each map choice, the code you can use to access it, and some details as to why the map is regarded as one of the best.

Horde Rush

Code - 1811-5278-9963

Horde Rush, created by Shucksourdiesel, is an intense and fast-paced mode for small teams of players to enjoy. Your team of players is tasked with eliminating every NPC/Zombie on the map as numerous waves of them approach you from all sides.

The round features a team of four players and has 12 rounds as the storm moves across the map. Players must collect all 4 in-game collectibles to win on this particular map.

Z-Nite: The Factories

Code - 3303-8983-5104

Z-Nite: The Factories, made by Echo, challenges all players' ability to survive and work as a team as they deal with never-ending waves of zombies. The currency system implemented in this map also enables players to buy weapons, ammunition, health, and other accessories. Players can unlock additional portions of the map by using the in-game currency.

Best Fortnite Zombie Map Codes Z Nite example
Z-Nite is one of the top picks for the best zombie map in Fortnite creative. (Picture: Epic Games)

The zombies start mutating as the round goes on, which only heightens the tension. As the Zombies mutate, they become faster, more aggressive, and more robust, giving players an even more significant challenge as time passes. 

BO2 Town - With Zombies

Code - 6975-6526-1196

The BO2 Town - With Zombies map, created by BuscoOpelCorsa, is unique because it features a section of the "Tranzit" map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. It's also a multiplayer map, so you can take on the challenge this map poses with your friends as you fight off the undead. 

The player's task on this map is to locate all 20 meteors hidden around the area. The faster you can get it done, the sooner you can achieve victory and avoid being overrun, which is the main challenge of this map. 

Nuketown Zombie

Code - 0975-7667-0071

Nuketown Zombie, developed by Oberon, was made especially for lone players who want to practice fighting off zombie hordes with no backup. This map, which draws inspiration from the Nuketown map from the Call of Duty: Black Ops series, also includes several mystery weapons that can be used to the player's advantage. 

However, these weapons are dispersed throughout the entire area, making it challenging for the player to locate them and providing some tense moments. 

The Zombies that spawn in this mode are also very frightening because they can deal enormous amounts of damage with their attacks. As a result, the player can only take a small number of zombie attacks before dying and requires a more tactical and thought-out approach to playing the map.

Sunrise City - Horde Survival

Code: 5780-2589-3510

One of the best and most challenging Fortnite zombie map codes must be Sunrise City - Horde Survival by ITSSPARK. Those who enjoy grinding and breaking records will enjoy this Creative Mode level for one player. The gameplay also feels solid, and the map design is quite well executed

Best Fortnite Zombie Map Codes Sunrise City horde map
Sunrise City - Horde Survival is one of the most popular zombie maps. (Picture: YouTube / Its Spark)

The players' primary objective on this map will be to eliminate zombies and beat their rivals' records as the small area becomes infested with them. It is ideal for a little friendly competition between you and your friends.

So there you have it, the best Zombie maps to play in Fortnite Creative and their corresponding codes. We will endeavor to update this article once even better Zombie maps become available.

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.