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Can You Skip Practice Laps In Forza Motorsport

Whoever said "practice makes perfect" didn't have the option to skip practice laps, so here's how to skip practice in Forza Motorsport.
Can You Skip Practice Laps In Forza Motorsport
(PIcture: Turn 10 Studios)

The phrase, “practice makes perfect,” is undoubtedly true and holds significant weight, especially when progressing with the career mode in Forza Motorsport. The Builders Cup is a single-player car-building experience in which players participate in various automotive stories displayed as playlist events with “competition, car progression, and car building” at its core.

Each event allows players to bring an eligible car that meets its race requirements and can get a feel for the race by completing a practice run before race day begins. But if you’re not clued up, you can skip practice in a race event for the Builders Cup as we detailed how to skip Open Practice laps in Forza Motorsport.

How To Skip Practice Laps In Forza Motorsport?

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Did you know you can skip practice laps during Open Practice for the Builders Cup in Forza Motorsport? (Picture: Turn 10 Studios / Ashleigh Klein)

When competing in a race as part of an ongoing series in the Builders Cup, players will have the opportunity to explore the featured track before beginning the race. This opportunity, known as the Open Practice, can be extremely valuable for players as it allows them to get a feel for the track by completing practice laps and mark record time during Segment Score zones.

This also gives them ample chances to earn plenty of Car XP, which helps level their car and unlocks parts when upgrading their car before races. While this opportunity lasts until players are ready to head to the starting line for the race, they can skip these practice laps altogether.

Yes, it’s possible to skip the Open Practice in the career mode of Forza Motorsport; however, players must have started the practice lap. Sure, you can avoid participating in the Open Practice once you enter the event’s menu, but if you have begun the practice and wish to end it to start the race, the skipping option becomes available.

During the Open Practice lap, you can hit the Pause button (three horizontal lines) on the Xbox controller or the ESC key on the keyboard to access the menu. Scroll down the list of options available, including the photo mode, to find the Exit option at the bottom.

Selecting this option will give players one of three options: quitting the event, restarting the practice lap, or skipping the practice. Proceed with the “Skip Practice” option, where you’ll be brought back to the event’s menu, and you can begin with the featured race event; guaranteed you’ve got enough practice on the lap, fine-tuned your setup, and installed the performance upgrades.

Additionally, you can change the Drivatar Difficulty and Ruleset Bonus from the event menu by heading to the Difficulty tab if needed. Likewise, you can adjust gameplay, video, and audio settings before starting the event race if you encounter any issues or need to toggle settings before starting the race in Forza Motorsport.

Forza Motorsport is available for Xbox Series X|S, PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam and through Xbox Game Pass for console, PC, and Cloud Gaming as of 10th October 2023.