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NHL 24 Be A Pro Beginner's Guide & Career Mode Tips

Chart a course for the hockey hall of fame with our NHL 24 Be A Pro Beginner's Guide featuring all the career mode tips you need.
NHL 24 Be A Pro Beginner's Guide & Career Mode Tips

It's a whole new game on the ice, but our NHL 24 Be A Pro Beginner's Guide is here to help players know what to expect as they dive into the single player career mode. Not much has changed in Be A Pro compared to last year, but there's no harm in a refresher before you get too buried in a save.

We'll cover the best archetype in NHL 24 Be A Pro and how you can pick your own team or attempt to be traded. This NHL 24 guide will also outline tips for using Training, Trait Points, and Salary Perks to your advantage in career mode.

NHL 24 Be A Pro Beginner's Guide & Tips

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For veteran players, little has changed about the structure and features in NHL 24 Be A Pro. However, major gameplay changes and shifts to the NHL 24 controls mean there are additional things to keep in mind as you get a career mode save started.

Your first step will be creating a custom pro that'll be shared between Be A Pro and World of Chel. Appearance, gender, name, and other personal details are entirely up to you and won't impact your Be A Pro save.

Remember that being right-handed or left-handed in the game will actually affect some of your NHL 24 controls, and the position you choose will impact the entire Be A Pro save. New players may get more excitement out of a Center, Left Wing, or Right Wing save. If you want a different challenge, Defense and Goalie can be very rewarding once you've mastered them.

What is the best Archetype in NHL 24?

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After you've created a player, you'll be faced with choosing your NHL 24 Archetype. This is slightly different in Be A Pro compared to World of Chel, but it's a decision you need to think hard on as it can't be changed once your Be A Pro journey begins. For new players unsure what to choose, Playmaker can be the most versatile and easiest to adapt to, but your gameplay preferences should be the biggest factor.

If you prefer to play as a physical scorer go with the Power archetype, and dedicated shooters will want to choose Sniper. If you'd prefer to power through people with body checks and fight like there's no tomorrow, Enforcer is the best option. Focused defenders should go with Grinder, and versatile players looking to make an impact on both offense and defense are best off with the Two-Way archetype.

Most importantly, remember that each NHL 24 Archetype boasts its own strengths and weaknesses. New players may want to first spend time in exhibition games or other modes to feel out the gameplay before committing to their Be A Pro style.

How to pick your team in Be A Pro

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When it comes to kicking off your NHL career, the most important decision is whether you'd like to take your luck with the NHL Draft or choose your starting team. If you start in Europe or the CHL's Memorial Cup, your performance and a series of interviews with teams will influence how highly you're drafted and which team you land on.

However, players who would rather play for their favorite team or go with one that already boasts a strong roster will want to choose the Start in NHL option. You'll kick things off in the pre-season after manually selecting your NHL club.

Coach Feedback is your Best Friend

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It can be easy to feel like just diving into the game and trying to make plays will work, but in Be A Pro you really should be paying attention to Coach Feedback. This is especially helpful in-game, so check the feedback between shifts to see which kinds of move the coach wants you to focus on using.

After your Be A Pro career is rolling, you'll be able to check Coach Feedback based on all your most recent gaems to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Having high grades in Coach Feedback can come with top quality play, but it'll also provide benefits because of improved relationships with your coach and team.

Training, Trait Points & Salary Perks

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Once again, players used to Be A Pro from NHL 23 or even NHL 22 will find that the general framework of it hasn't changed. You'll still earn XP to unlock Trait Points, and these are key to improving your NHL 24 ratings.

Be sure to make full use of your weekly Training Hours, as these can vary week to week but will allow you to slowly improve specific skills and ratings over time. As your Be A Pro journey continues, the money you earn as a player will be spendable on Salary Perks.

With a massive variety to choose from, Salary Perks offer a slew of both temporary and permanent upgrades. Keeping your player upgraded game to game ensures the best chance of success, but don't get too bogged down with all of this if you'd rather focus on the gameplay.

How to ask for a trade in Be A Pro

Finally, there's always a chance your NHL 24 Be A Pro experience will be in need of change. Whether you're not happy with the team that drafted you or just in need of a change of scenery, you can manually request a trade.

However, this is a difficult and risky decision to make. As your career progresses, you'll gain the option to approach the GM and ask for a trade, but it isn't guaranteed. You'll have to persuade the GM to trade you, which can be helped with certain Trait Point upgrades.

Unfortunately, a failed trade request will have major negative impacts. Failing can cause your Primary Line Score, Management Likeability, and Teammate Likeability to all nosedive. If you're worried about landing with a club you don't want for the first chunk of your career, you should probably choose your team at Be A Pro creation.