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NHL 24 Franchise Mode May Get Zero New Features

While gameplay is getting some much needed attention, NHL 24 Franchise Mode could be completely devoid of new features this year.
NHL 24 Franchise Mode May Get Zero New Features

There are some exciting changes coming this year as NHL 24 is brimming with new features including some serious revamps on core gameplay. However, many players have their attention focused on NHL 24 Franchise Mode after last year's upgrades.

While they've arguably got one of the top franchise mode experiences in across the major sports title, players still want NHL 24 to push things forward just like every annual release. Unfortunately, there may be some grim news on the horizon that leaves franchise players in last year's game.

NHL 24 Franchise Mode may get zero new features

NHL 24 Franchise Mode

Now that the countdown has begun for NHL 24 to arrive on October 6, players are itching to know what the next installment in this series has to offer. Easily the most exciting news is that core gameplay is getting some major changes with new engines and physics-based body checks that crank the realism and challenge up to whole new levels.

Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Franchise Mode. Now that we're in the final stretch to release, it's becoming increasingly clear that NHL 24 Franchise Mode is likely to be a cut and copy of last year's offering. None of the trailers or new features highlighted in official promotional press releases by EA Sports mention Franchise Mode, and chances are that means it'll remain untouched.

It's disappointing news, as even small advancements are always welcome. However, dedicated franchise players may see the gameplay revamp as enough to justify this year's game. The mode may have the same skeleton, but any games you play in it are likely to feel drastically different compared to NHL 23.

NHL 24 Franchise Mode should still include last year's upgrades


A lack of new features in NHL 24 Franchise Mode is disappointing, but fortunately this is not a multi-year issue. NHL 23 Franchise Mode stepped the game up several nothces with the introduction of Custom League.

Rather than being stuck with the regular league structure or even a 33 Team Expansion Draft featuring custom rosters, players can now make a league with just about any format and teams they desire. You should still be able to create leagues with 6 to 48 different teams while changing settings on dynamic schedules and deciding how you prefer the playoffs to operate.

There's no reason to expect the mode could be removed, so last year's upgrades should give a strong foundation that the gameplay upgrades will certainly complement. Even without new features, the NHL 24 Franchise Mode experience could feel very different than it did in NHL 23.