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How to Win Faceoffs in NHL 24

Never let them have the puck by learning how to win faceoffs in NHL 24 every single time.
How to Win Faceoffs in NHL 24

Nothing can turn the tide like knowing how to consistently win faceoffs in NHL 24, especially if the opposing team is gaining momentum. Like most sports, possessing the puck by regularly winning each faceoff will give you far more opportunities to score.

While your NHL 24 ratings will be a crucial piece of this puzzle, likely moreso than you realize, there are a few key strategies that will help. Here we'll cover all the controls to win faceoffs in NHL 24 and what to do when usual tactics start to fail. 

How to Win Faceoffs in NHL 24

NHL 24 How to Win Faceoffs

Whether you're trying to become a prolific center in Be A Pro or just need to give your team the edge in World of Chel, knowing how to win every faceoff in NHL 24 is going to majorly improve your offensive prowess. Every opportunity to possess the puck gives you a chance to score, but it also protects your goalie and allows your defense to take a breather.

Timing is (almost) everything with faceoffs in NHL 24, and that starts with choosing a grip the second your player starts approaching where the puck will drop. Don't wait for them to get into position before getting your grip in place, as this can create a delay in your stick hitting the ice and cause you to lose the faceoff.

You'll do this by moving the Right Stick to the Left or Right to choose a Backhand Grip or Forehand Grip, and that exact control will depend on whether you're using a left-handed or right-handed player. Once your grip is in place, watch for the referee to drop the puck and pull the Right Stick down (from the left or right grip position) to send the puck back towards your team.

This strategy will be your go-to, and we'll cover advanced techniques below, but the other factor you shouldn't forget is ratings. Even if your timing is perfect, players with significantly lower ratings for their Faceoff attribute are likely to lose. For any game mode, you want reliably high 90+ ratings at Faceoff for your center.

Advanced Faceoff Tips & Tricks for NHL 24

NHL 24 Faceoffs

If you're running into trouble and the old reliable backhand timing isn't paying off, there are a few ways to shake things up. If you notice the opponent is beating you with a backhand grip, instead start doing tie-ups (with an active backhand grip) by moving the Left Stick up when the faceoff begins.

On the other hand, if an opponent is beating you with a tie-up, try using Stick Lift. To do this, you'll move the Right Stick up while a backhand grip is engaged. It'll take time to work on your timing, but these techniques will make a huge difference once you're used to them.

If you're struggling with faceoffs even knowing these tips, try to head into other game modes with strong faceoff players to try things out. After a bit of practice, you'll have the moves to win every faceoff in NHL 24.