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No Man’s Sky: How To Find Portals and Unlock Glyphs

Portals allow you to easily visit any planet in the No Man's Sky universe, so here's a comprehensive guide to unlocking them.
No Man’s Sky: How To Find Portals and Unlock Glyphs

No Man's Sky has specific locations called Portals, which can be found on all celestial bodies of a star system. By activating these Portals, players can quickly travel between different planets in a star system, as well as different regions within the same galaxy.

Portals have been incorporated into the game's world generation from the beginning, but their full potential was not realized until the Atlas Rises update. With the use of 16 specific Glyphs, these mysterious structures enable players to transport themselves to any location in the game instantly.

So without any further ado, here's a comprehensive guide to unlocking portals in No Man's Sky.

How To Find Portal Glyphs In No Man's Sky

If you are looking to collect all the glyphs in No Man's Sky, the first step is to search for a traveller on a space station. These travellers are NPCs that you can interact with and will offer guidance towards a grave site containing a glyph.

To locate a traveller, venture to any space station and keep an eye out for a random NPC wandering about. Once you've spotted one, select them, and they will be classified as a traveller. Initiate a conversation with the traveller, and they will request your assistance.

You can provide them with nanites, inquire about their origins, or negotiate with them. If you opt to inquire about their origins, they will furnish you with instructions towards a grave site that has a glyph.

How to get Glyphs in No Man's Sky
How to get Glyphs in No Man's Sky

After obtaining the directions, make your way to the grave site and interact with the grave. The glyph will be extracted from the grave and bestowed upon you.

It is essential to keep in mind that there is only one grave site per system that will provide you with a glyph. Although you may stumble upon multiple graves, only one of them will contain a glyph, specifically the one that the traveller referred you to.

To determine how many glyphs you have collected, press pause and navigate to your catalogue. You need to procure a total of 16 glyphs, but their collection order is arbitrary.

Easiest Way To Find Portals In No Man's Sky

How to unlock Portals in No Man's Sky
How to unlock Portals in No Man's Sky

Once you have acquired all 16 glyphs, you can start your journey for unlocking portals. It would be best if you located a monolith on a planet's surface to discover a portal. Monoliths are ancient structures that can be found scattered throughout the universe, and they will provide you with instructions to a portal.

Interact with the monolith, and it will pose a series of inquiries. Answer these questions accurately, and it will offer you guidance towards a portal.

Upon receiving the directions, travel to the portal and activate it. You will need to enter the glyphs in a particular sequence, so ensure that you have them recorded or memorized.

Once you have entered the glyphs, use the porta to transfer to a new planet. Portals allow you to easily visit any planet in the universe, making them an excellent option for swift exploration.

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