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How to Farm Nanites In No Man's Sky

Nanite is a premium currency in No Man's Sky, but how will you acquire them? Let's find out.
How to Farm Nanites In No Man's Sky

Nanites are one of the premium currencies in No Man's Sky, but how will you acquire them? Let's find out. Nanites are highly valuable resources that are used in the construction of advanced technologies. They are coveted by specialist traders because they are challenging to acquire and are essential for building some of the most powerful and advanced items in the game.

So without any further ado, here's all you need to know about the best Nanites farming methods in No Man's Sky.

How to Farm Nanites in No Man's Sky

1. Obtain Salvage Glass

The first method involves attacking the sentinels. Every sentinel has a chance of dropping a special item called salvaged glass. When you pick up a salvaged glass, it will give you sentinel upgrades that you can sell for nanites. You can also get salvaged glass from the purple barrels that come from the giant sentinel minotaurs and the blue barrels that come from the quads.

2. Sell Sentinel Upgrades

Once you have salvaged glass, head to the space station and go to the marketplace. Then extract the salvaged glass to get a chance of getting upgrades. You can use the upgrades you acquire or sell them for nanites. The more upgrades you farm, the more nanites you can get.

No Man's Sky Nanites
No Man's Sky Nanites. (Picture: Hello Games)

3. Scrap Ships

One of the easiest ways to earn Nanites in No Man's Sky is scrapping ships that you don't need anymore. It involves purchasing a ship, scrapping it and then Upgrade Modules for Nanites. We recommend purchasing ships that have at least a B-Class rating. You will likely find these ships in systems with a Tier 3 economy rating.

4. Trade with NPCs

Another way to get nanites is by trading with NPCs. You can trade in items that you find on planets or in space. You can also sell some of the upgrades that you don't need. You can trade with NPCs on the space station or planets.

5. Complete Missions

Completing missions is an excellent way to get nanites. You can get missions from the space station or NPCs on planets. Some missions offer nanites as a reward, so look for those. On the other hand, you can also complete the daily missions to get nanites.

So there you have it. That's everything you need to know about obtaining Nanites in No Man's Sky.

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