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How To Get Free S-Class Freighter In No Man’s Sky

S-Class Freighter is a powerful ship that can carry multiple smaller vessels and cargo, and here's a guide to get it in No Man's Sky.
How To Get Free S-Class Freighter In No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky is an expansive space exploration game that allows players to traverse the galaxy in search of new planets, resources, and encounters. One of the main goals in the game is to obtain a Freighter, a large and powerful ship that can carry multiple smaller vessels and cargo.

Usually, players have had to save up a significant amount of credits in order to purchase a Freighter from a space station or trading post. However, there is actually a way to obtain a free Freighter relatively early on in the game.

How to Find S Class Freighters in No Man's Sky
How to Find S Class Freighters in No Man's Sky

How To Get A Free Freighter In No Man's Sky

To start, players must progress far enough into the game's storyline to be able to craft warp cells. Crafting five warp cells is necessary for this method of obtaining an free freighter, as players will need to make five consecutive warp jumps to trigger a pirate attack on a freighter. It is also important to unlock the economy scanner from the anomaly and fit it into your ship to make it easier to locate wealthy systems.

After playing for at least three hours, players should begin jumping to different systems using their warp drive. On the fifth jump, a battle should occur where pirates attack a freighter. Players should defeat the pirates and then board the freighter to talk to the captain. The captain will offer the player his ship and crew for free as a gesture of gratitude.

How To Get A Free S-Class Freighter In No Man's Sky

It is important to note that the quality of the freighter players are offered is completely random and can vary from a lowly C-Class to a mighty A-Class or even the coveted S-Class.

What's important to remember is that players can only get one free Freighter per playthrough, and equally, you can choose to decline the freighter you're offered. So if you're only offered a rubbish C-Class, you can simple decline and keep warping until you get offered a better Freighter.

While players cannot control the style of the freighter they are offered after each warp, they can increase their chances of obtaining a higher-class freighter by targeting wealthier systems.

How To Find Wealthiest Systems in the Universe

To find the wealthiest systems, players should use their economy scanner to scope out systems around them with three-star economies, which are mostly wealthy systems. It may also be helpful to visit systems and note the class of the freighters found in the system. This can be helpful for players who have a preference for a specific type of crew or style of the freighter.

Once players have found a system with a desirable S-Class freighter, they should save their game at a nearby space station and make their fifth jump. Players can tell which freighter will be available by the hangar runway beams that will be visible. If the freighter is not the desired style, players can reload their save and try again until they find the freighter they want.

While this method of obtaining an S-Class freighter can be time-consuming and requires dedication, the reward of owning the best freighter in the game is well worth the effort.

All Freighter Upgrades

Similar to other video games, No Man's Sky features an upgrade system through which players can enhance their Freighter's stats. Here's a list of the Freighter Upgrade Modules and their effects:

  • Beacon: Increases fleets' speed during expeditions by 2-15 points.
  • CombatUnit: Improves fleets' combat performance by 2-15 points.
  • Exploration Unit: Improves exploration results by 2-15 points.
  • Fuel Unit: Increases frigate fuel efficiency during expeditions by 2-20 points.
  • Mining Unit: Improves mining results by 2-15 points.
  • Trade Unit: Improves fleets' trading success by 2-15 points.
  • Freighter Hyperdrive: Increases the freighter's hyperdrive by a range of 50-250.
All S Class Freighter Upgrades
All S Class Freighter Upgrades

So there you have it. Everything you need to know about obtaining a free S-Class Freighter in No Man's Sky.

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