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How To Get Activated Copper in No Man's Sky

Activated Copper is one of the many resources in No Man's Sky, and here's a guide to finding it.
How To Get Activated Copper in No Man's Sky

Activated Copper is one of the many resources that you can come across in the vast universe of No Man's Sky. In case you weren't aware, Activated Copper is a more valuable resource than its normal counterpart, as it can be used to craft rare resources like Chromatic Metal, Magnetized Ferrite, and Corroded Tanks.

However, finding Activated Copper can be daunting for some No Man's Sky players as it can be found at a few certain locations. Therefore, we've put together this comprehensive guide to finding Activated Copper in the game.

How to get Activated Copper in No Man’s Sky

Farming Activated Copper in No Man's Sky
Farming Activated Copper in No Man's Sky. (Picture: Vault Thirteen YouTube)

Players can farm Activated Copper on the planets that orbit yellow stars. Thankfully, yellow stars can easily be found in abundance in the universe, so it wouldn't take long for the players to locate one.

Once you land on a planet that is orbiting a yellow star, use a tool called an Analysis Visor to locate Activated Copper. The Analysis Visor is an important part of the Multi-tool that gives extra details about different things. To operate it, press L2/F/LT if you're playing on a PS4, PC, or Xbox, respectively. If you don't have the Analysis Visor, you can craft it by refining 1x Carbon Nanotubes.

The Analysis Visor is a core component of the Multi-tool
The Analysis Visor is a core component of the Multi-tool. (Picture: Vault Thirteen YouTube)

If you can't find any using the Analysis Visor, you can look for old spaceships that have crashed on the planet and salvage parts from them to get some Activated Copper.

Once you have some Activated Copper, you can use it to make other things. For example, if you refine it, you can make something called chromatic metal. One unit of Activated Copper will give you one unit of chromatic metal, but if you combine it with Pure Ferrite, you can get two units of chromatic metal. You can also use Activated Copper to repair tanks that are broken.

So there you have it. That's everything you need to know about activated copper in No Man's Sky.

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