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How to Find the Autophage Robot Race and S-Class Staff in No Man's Sky

Discover the Autophage Robot Race and acquire an S-Class Staff in No Man’s Sky with our step-by-step guide.
How to Find the Autophage Robot Race and S-Class Staff in No Man's Sky
Image via Hello Games

No Man's Sky Echoes update brought a new race of robots known as the Autophage Robot Race, forged from discarded metal and reclaimed technology. The Autophage is the first new race since the launch of the game in 2016 and comes with new story content and associated mechanics.

However, finding them is not easy, as players must meet certain requirements and complete several missions. Since the game doesn't mention this stuff, we've got you covered with all the key info to finding the Autophage Robot Race and getting an S-Class Staff in No Man's Sky.

Finding the Autophage Robot Race and Getting an S-Class Staff

You will need to trigger the "They Who Returned" mission before finding the Autophage Robot Race
You will need to trigger the "They Who Returned" mission before finding the Autophage Robot Race. (Picture: Hello Games)

Finding an Autophage Robot Race involves various steps in No Man's Sky Echoes update:

Trigger the “They Who Returned” mission

There is no system requirement for this. You don’t need to warp to any specific system. What matters is that you have progress in 3 missions:

  • Complete the Purge, a main questline mission continuing from Awakenings going through Artemis.
  • Complete “The Harmonic Seal”, a mission introduced in the Interceptors update where you unlock a Harmonic Camp. If you have never found one, go to a system where in the Galactic Map, it has the subtext Dissonant, then find the planet in that system that has Dissonance in the Tooltip when scanning from space. To find a camp, fight Corrupted sentinels on the surface of the planet until a large spider enemy drops an Echo Locator.
  • Complete “A Trace of Metal”, a mission introduced in the No Man’s Sky 3.8 Sentinel Update, which requires you to have a Settlement. If you have a settlement and the mission hasn’t triggered, then ensure you have completed “The Settlers”, and then warp a few times to trigger it.

Work your way through “They Who Returned” and the sub-missions

This will allow you to learn the plans to create your staff multi-tool.

Create the staff yourself

Once you have the 3 parts and can make one, head to this address in Euclid, the first Galaxy. This is Sihnon, the Capital Planet of the UAS Civilisation. Before portalling here, be sure to turn off multiplayer in your network settings to avoid a potential situation.

Find a Damaged Machinery point of interest

Once through the portal, head to the coordinates +26.68, +5.55. Use your scanner to uncover the camp and use the terminal to build your brand-new S-Class staff.

Please note that this location will only create an S-Class Variant using the original staff head. Using other aesthetically different head parts purchased from the terminals with Void Motes will result in a different class.

If it’s not showing as S-Class when crafting, double-check the Portal Address, Galaxy, and Coordinates. Also, remember that you will need a spare multitool slot for this, as the staff is a Multi-Tool.

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