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Best Palia Crops To Grow And Sell For Gold

Increase the Gold earnings through gardening by considering these top crops to grow and sell in this money-making guide for Palia.
Best Palia Crops To Grow And Sell For Gold
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Palia features eight unique Skills to master and level up; using them will allow players to earn a passive income from selling these items. Players can earn Gold using these Skills in multiple ways, with Hunting and Gardening being the best options to make money in-game.

Speaking of the latter, Gardening has a variety of crops that they can grow in their gardens, but which crops are considered the best overall? We’ve done the math to help players learn which are the best crops to grow and sell during the early, mid, and late game stages in Palia.

The Best Crops To Grow And Sell For Gold In Palia

Palia features 11 crops that players can grow in their gardens to reap their rewards once harvest day arrives. Each crop possesses various crop boosts that can enhance the quality of neighboring crops or versatility for their usage in-game.

However, some of the best crops to grow can help players maximize their Gold earnings during the early, mid, and late game, which can be helpful when acquiring recipes and blueprints and purchasing Housing Add-Ons when developing their Housing Plot. While each crop will generate some income when selling the crop, seed, and consumable, these crops listed below can be worth prioritizing at every stage of the game, value when crafting, or to further increase their Gold income in Palia.

Let’s look at our top picks on the best crops to grow and sell for Gold during the early, mid, and late game in Palia:

Tomatoes For Early Game Gold Earnings

palia gardening skill guide best crops to grow sell gold tomatoes early game gold income
Players starting their adventures can plant tomatoes to earn Gold faster in the early game stage. (Picture: Singularity 6 / TardisKnight)

Tomato farms have been incredibly popular amongst players in Palia as they generate the highest profit, especially in the early game. As the seeds are easily accessible for all players, they take four days for the first harvest, where they can get two to three tomatoes per crop before they can be harvested thrice for six days before they need to plant more tomatoes.

For its base value, they will sell for 23 Gold and 34 Gold for its Star-Quality version per tomato harvested. This means players can net between 46 Gold and 102 Gold depending on whether the tomatoes are of the base or Star-Quality value.

Their value can be further increased when placing the harvested tomatoes into the Hopper of the Preserve Jars. Base-value Pickled Tomatoes will sell for 34 Gold, and Star-Quality Pickled Tomatoes will net players 51 Gold per jar, with their total income varying on how many Pickled Tomatoes were produced.

This can increase further if players sell the Tomato Plant Seeds; these will generate more income if they’re the base or Star-Quality value. These seeds can be received when harvesting the tomato plant or collected from the Seed Collector as their base value will sell for 40 Gold, while their Star-Quality value will net players 60 Gold.

Potatoes For Their Crop Boosting Benefits

palia gardening skill guide best crops to grow sell gold potatoes crop boosting benefits
Potatoes can provide neighboring crops with the Water Retain gardening buff when the seeds are planted. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Sixer AmeliaMarz)

Potatoes are highly regarded for their garden buff, which they share with tomatoes, as they retain water efficiently for neighboring crops. This does away with the need to use the HydratePro Fertilizer, especially for farm layouts that feature potatoes and tomatoes, and the Potato Seeds are extremely easy to get.

Potatoes take five days to harvest before the crop gets destroyed, as players will get two to three potatoes per harvest. When selling the potatoes, their base value will be 45 Gold and 67 Gold for Star-Quality potatoes, meaning players will get between 90 Gold (base value) and 201 Gold (Star-Quality) for potatoes.

As potatoes are of Common rarity, this makes them the highest Gold profit during the early game, except for another crop listed. Given how popular potatoes and tomatoes are in most farming layouts and their exceptional gardening buff, potatoes are worth growing for players at every stage of the game.

Cotton For Their Crafting Bonuses

palia gardening skill guide best crops to grow sell gold cotton fabric loom hopper fabric crafting benefits
Placing can place Cotton into the Fabric Loom Hopper to craft Fabric before selling or using them in crafting. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Considered the least desirable crop to grow, given there are crops with a better selling price, Cotton is quite valuable for crafting purposes. Placing Cotton in the Fabric Loom to get Fabric can then be used in crafting multiple crafters, Furniture pieces from the Homestead, Industrial, Kilima, and Ranch sets, and for crafting Sticky Smoke Bombs.

Selling Cotton at its base value goes for 45 Gold, while Star-Quality Cotton will net players 67 Gold, and selling a piece of Fabric will cost 48 Gold. Much like potatoes and tomatoes, planting Cotton Seeds will grant neighboring crops the Quality Boost buff, meaning there’s a chance for neighboring crops to get Star-Quality crops at harvest.

Blueberries For Their Mid To Late Game Profits

palia gardening skill guide best crops to grow sell gold blueberries mid to late game passive income
Growing Blueberries will provide players with a stable Gold income during the mid-game stage. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Aside from another crop listed, Blueberries generate the second-highest Gold profits when selling the crops, seeds, and consumables they produce. In addition, they are the preferred crop for the AFK farming layout, alongside Apples and Potatoes, for those seeking minimal gardening and watering.

Blueberries take nine days to harvest and can be reharvested thrice every third day, with players netting six Blueberries per harvest. This would mean they can get 24 Blueberries total, as players can get either base or Star-Quality value Blueberries.

Base-value Blueberries will cost 39 Gold per berry and 58 Gold for a Star-Quality Blueberry, which could see them earning between 936 Gold (Base value) and 1,392 Gold (Star-Quality). They can bump this up by selling the seeds as base-value seeds, which sell for 112 Gold per bag and 168 Gold for Star-Quality Blueberry Bush Seeds.

Selling Blueberry Jam can be of some benefit; however, it brings less Gold when compared to selling Blueberry Bush Seeds. Base-value Blueberry Jam can be sold for 59 Gold, and Star-Quality Blueberry Jam nets 88 Gold per jar.

Apples For The Best Maximum Gold Profits

palia gardening skill guide best crops to grow sell gold apples maximum gold profits
Players can sell Apples to net the most Gold for the harvested crop, Apple Tree Seeds and Apple Jam. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Apples are currently the most profitable crop players, so they should prioritize growing and selling even at their base value in-game. The seeds can be acquired from specific quests or purchased from the Gardening Guild Store once they reach Gardening Level 10 and higher before planting them.

Players are to be highly patient with harvesting Apples as it takes 12 days to grow, with players receiving 16 Apples from one harvest alone. Should players choose to sell the Apples at their base value, they will sell for 64 Gold or 96 Gold for their Star-Quality value, meaning players will get 1,024 Gold for base-quality Apples and 1,538 Gold for Star-Quality Apples from one harvest.

They can maximize their earnings as Apples can be reharvested thrice every sixth day, with players earning somewhere between 3,072 Gold for base value and 4,614 Gold for Star-Quality. Don’t forget that they place Apples into the Preserve Jar before selling them for 96 Gold for base and 144 Gold for Star-Quality Apple Jam per jar and can sell Apple Tree Seeds for a higher profit.

Palia is currently available via the Epic Games Store and in Open Beta for PC, as players can install the game launcher detailed in this guide. The game is now available to download for Nintendo Switch as of 14th December 2023.