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Palia Hunting Guide: How To Learn & Level Up Skill

An essential skill that works well with Cooking and Furniture-Making, Hunting has a zero-waste approach that is vital to your playstyle in Palia.
Palia Hunting Guide: How To Learn & Level Up Skill

Players can gain access to various skills when beginning their adventures and influence their playstyle in Palia. With eight unique skills available and unlocked, you can explore each skill or invest in a few skills like cooking, furniture making, and hunting.

Hunting requires a knowledge of the wilderness of Kilima Village, the right equipment and tools, and plenty of patience when using it and leveling the skill in-game. If the hunter’s life is what you seek, then we’ve detailed everything about the Hunting skill, including how to level it in Palia.

What Is Hunting And How To Learn in Palia?

Hunting is one of the eight unlockable skills players can learn while guided by a Skill Master, Hassian, and his canine companion, Tau. This skill perfectly complements the cooking and furniture-making skills as players who advance this skill can loot meats and other animal by-products using their trusted bow and arrows.

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Locate Hassian and his canine companion, Tau, to guide you through the Introduction Quest for Hunting. (Picture: Singularity 6)

As you can use the meats for cooking delicious meals, the animal by-products like hides or pelts can be used to craft furniture pieces and decoration items to adorn your home. As for learning this skill, you can find Hassian somewhere in the wilderness of Kilima Village, who will aid you through the Introduction Quest for Hunting.

This skill will be the closest players will experience some form of PvE combat when embarking on hunting expeditions and tracking down the wildlife that occupy the wilderness. Once you’ve completed the Introduction Quest, you’re free to use this skill by completing various hunting tasks and challenges and hunting the wild animals and beasts that roam the open world, which will help level up this skill.

While you do have the option to learn all skills available in Palia, you can also master a few that resonates with your playstyle. Do remember that each time you utilize your hunting skill, you can earn some points, which can help you progress with this skill and eventually level it up.

How To Level Up The Hunting Skill In Palia?

With the Introduction Quest completed with Hassian, you can now put this skill to the test by hunting the Palian wildlife and acquiring meats and other animal items like bones and hides. Every time you use the hunting skill, you can earn points to help you level up this skill.

Each time you level up, you can earn unique hunting rewards like improved equipment recipes, more animals to find, and more. You will need to locate Hassian, your Skill Master, who he’ll have various rewards to award you with, which may include new hunting items, recipes, equipment, and potentially more animals and creatures to hunt.

This zero-waste approach to hunting allows players to utilize every part of the animal and use what they need for crafting purposes and cooking, which also helps you level up those skills. From using the antlers for home decoration, the hides or pelts for crafting equipment and tools, and the meats for cooking dishes like pot roast, ramen, or steak and grilled vegetables.

Lastly, as you can spend time hunting with Hassian, you can begin his character questline and learn more about him. This can help progress your Friendship level with Hassian and unlock him as a romanceable character if you wish to pursue an intimate relationship with him.