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Where To Get & Use Copper Ores And Bars In Palia

Refining copper ores into bars can be done by advancing with the Mining skill, but where can you find the ores and get copper bars in Palia?
Where To Get & Use Copper Ores And Bars In Palia

Mining resources can be timely, especially if you want to craft tools, furniture, decor items, and other craftable stations. It can also be time-consuming if you don't know where in Kilima Village to find the nodes to begin mining them to obtain various ores and other resources.

Copper is one of the ores you can mine from nodes, and they’re relatively easy to look out for, but where can you find plenty of copper nodes? We’ve consulted the map to determine how to find copper ores and get copper bars in Palia.

How To Get & Use Copper Ores In Palia?

Copper ores are one of the primary crafting materials needed in Palia, especially as it requires you to use Mining and Furniture Making skills. Copper ores are mainly acquired when mining rock nodes, from small to large nodes, influencing the amount of ores you can obtain.

palia resources guide copper ores how to find how to get map locations fishermans lagoon mayors house remembrance beach
You can find copper nodes around Fisherman's Lagoon, the Mayor's Estate, and Remembrance Beach in Kilima Village. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that you can also obtain stone, flint, and silver ores from mining these rock nodes. As for the best mining locations to acquire copper ores, the first locations are surrounding Fisherman’s Lagoon and the Mayor's house, where you’ll find small and medium-sized nodes, which can be a great spot to start or end farming runs with some fishing at the docks.

Another great location for copper ores is farther from Fisherman’s Lagoon, heading towards Remembrance Beach. It’s here where more medium-sized rock nodes tend to spawn, alongside a handful of clay nodes which we can advise farming both nodes to get more out from farming runs.

Once you’ve gathered plenty of copper ores, how does one best utilize them in Palia? These can be gifted to online players should they request them, but mainly, these can be used for crafting furniture, decor items, various crafting stations, and, most importantly, copper bars.

How To Get & Use Copper Bars In Palia?

As stated previously, copper ores are mainly used to produce copper bars, which can be utilized in crafting various items. However, you will need to obtain the recipe for copper bars from Hodari for 50 Gold, which can be found in Kilima Village or near his home in Bahari Bay.

palia resources guide copper bars how to get recipe hodari bahari bay
Find Hodari near his home in Bahari Bay to buy the recipe for copper bars and the Basic Smelter. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

You must have reached Level 2 in Mining to purchase this recipe from his Mining Guild Store. Additionally, you can buy Copper Bars from Sifuu for 80 Gold each or request the item to be gifted to you from online players.

Lastly, you will also need a Basic Smelter to refine the copper ores into copper bars for which you can place five copper ores to receive one copper bar. The recipe for the Basic Smelter can also be obtained from Hodari’s Mining Guild Store for 100 Gold and requires the following resources to craft:

  • Stone x40
  • Flint x6
  • Sernuk Hide x3

Once you have the recipe for the Basic Smelter, take the resources and the recipe to your Worktable to begin crafting it. It will be added to your bag’s Inventory which you can place anywhere on your housing plot to refine clay, stone, copper, gold, iron, Palium, and silver ores.