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Where To Get & Use Corn Seeds In Palia?

While there’s nothing corny about corn, acquiring the seeds is pretty straightforward if you have enough Gold coins, so here’s how in Palia.
Where To Get & Use Corn Seeds In Palia?

Corn seeds are one of two new resources included in Palia in the latest 0.168 patch update, along with the Spicy Peppers seeds. While Corn has been available for players to acquire from Badruu when visiting his Gardening Guild Store at the family farm, players can now grow the crop in their backyard.

Players looking to cook one of the new dishes added to the game that requires Corn will want to learn how to obtain them in-game. We’ve provided all the details you need to know on getting Corn seeds before planting them in your garden in Palia.

How To Get The Corn Seeds In Palia?

Unfortunately, Badruu doesn’t stock seeds to acquire them, but you can find them at Zeki’s General Store. A bag of Corn seeds will cost 30 Gold as players can buy as many as they want, but if you have a Seed Collector crafted, you can place a harvested Corn crop in the hopper to produce Corn Seeds without returning to Zeki to purchase them.

Naturally, Corn seeds are mainly used for the Gardening skill, especially for planting them, and when harvesting the Corn crop, there’s a chance you may receive star-quality Corn seeds worth more than their base variant. This can also be applied to star-quality Corn crops, in which both seeds and crop can be sold to acquire more Gold.

How To Use The Corn Seeds In Palia?

As stated before, corn seeds are primarily used in Gardening, which can be valuable when leveling up this skill. Requiring one soil space per seed bag, Corn will take around five days in-game for the crop to grow before being harvested, sold, or placed in the Seed Collector to produce more Corn seeds.

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Players can purchase a bag of Corn seeds at Zeki's General Store for 30 Gold per bag. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Corn will have a Gardening buff that boosts the harvest quality of nearby crops and will increase the quantity of crops received when harvesting. For normal quality Corn seeds, this could see players receiving up to triple the amount of normal quality crops with a chance of receiving star-quality crops or seeds.

It's similar when planting star-quality Corn seeds as there’s a chance to gain a maximum of three normal-quality crops; however, both are applicable when planting nine Corn crops. Players can use HarvestBoost Fertilizer to boost the amount of Corn crops harvested, as this fertilizer can be bought from Badruu’s Gardening Guild Store or produced using Sweet Leaf by the Glow Worm Farm.

Corn is then utilized in Cooking, which too can be useful when leveling this skill, as various dishes will call for Corn as an ingredient. Some of the dishes that require Corn include Pickled Corn and a few of the new dishes added to the game, like Crab Pot Pie, Fish Tacos, and Chapaa Asada Tacos, which these recipes can be purchased from Reth’s Cooking Guild Store.