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Palia Tent Guide: How To Craft & Collect Resources

One of the first things you will need to do in Palia is craft a Makeshift Tent. Here’s how to do this and forage the resources required for it.
Palia Tent Guide: How To Craft & Collect Resources

Want to know how to craft a Makeshift Tent in Palia? We got you covered. Indeed, finding a home in which to adjust to the quaint life and splendor of Kilima Village is needed. Moreover, with several Villagers guiding you in the knowledge of the world by preparing some quests to complete to learn the new skills, you will be putting them to the test once you’ve started crafting.

To provide temporary shelter, a Makeshift Shift will be your new abode. But the question is how can one craft it, and with what resources? This guide will detail how to craft the Makeshift Tent and where to farm the resources in Palia.

How To Craft A Makeshift Tent In Palia

palia crafting guide makeshift tent how to craft recipe hodari villager npc
Players can receive the Makeshift Tent recipe from Hodari once they have cleared the housing plot. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

During the tutorial quest, Welcome to Palia, Ashura will request that you meet with Hodari at your new housing plot found north of Chappa Crossing within the mountains. Once you have met Hodari, he will ask that you clear the plot of debris and place your crafting workbench somewhere on your property.

At this junction, Hodari will provide you with a recipe for a Makeshift Tent in which you must have mined and foraged various resources. The recipe states that you need 25 Sapwood pieces and 15 Plant Fibers to craft your temporary home from the workbench.

With the tent crafted, you can place it anywhere on your housing plot, but to build your home, you must speak to the mayor during the Learning the Ropes quest. This will eventually lead you to owning your plot and finally building your home, as you can’t place anything on it besides the tent.

How To Collect Resources For The Makeshift Tent In Palia

palia crafting guide makeshift tent how to collect how to forage resources sapwood plant fibers
With all the resources you have foraged, you can start crafting the tent at the workbench. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

As previously explained, you need 25 Sapwood pieces and 15 Plant Fibers to craft a tent at the workbench. However, you need to mine and forage these resources, which can be quickly done during the tutorial quest when Hodari tasks you with clearing the housing plot.

There are plenty of trees, preferably the smaller trees and shrubbery, on your housing plot and in the forest behind the plot to be found. After meeting with Ashura, he’ll gift you a Makeshift Axe to forage the Sapwood pieces and Plant Fibers, which can be used to build your Makeshift Tent, and you can later craft storage boxes to store and sort your Inventory.

With all the resources collected, head back to the crafting workbench, and within the UI, you can scroll through the list of recipes you currently own, from which you can select the Makeshift Tent. Click on the recipe, and granted you have the correct resources available, you can craft the tent by clicking on the "Make" button.