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Will Palia Have Crossplay Enabled?

Singularity 6 confirmed Palia would launch for PC and Switch soon; however, will the game support cross-platform play or crossplay at launch?
Will Palia Have Crossplay Enabled?

The cozy MMO game, Palia perfectly blends MMO elements and mechanics with community sim features highlighted in the game’s trailers. Players can engage with their fellow villagers, construct their perfect home, develop skills, and socialize with other players through its guild-like system.

Following its presentation during the Nintendo Direct showcase in June 2023, players have wondered if Palia will enable cross-platform play (or crossplay) regardless of which platform they play. This guide addresses whether the cozy MMO will support cross-progression and crossplay for the game’s PC and Nintendo Switch versions at launch.

Is There Crossplay Support For Palia?

Developer Singularity 6 has confirmed that Palia will release on PC and Nintendo Switch consoles and the latter is launching Holiday Season 2023 with a date to be announced. On the subject of the cozy MMO will support cross-progression and crossplay, the developer has a response to these support features.

According to their Nintendo Switch announcement post, the developer has provided some context on whether Palia will support crossplay. As both game versions are still under development, players have been anxious if the cozy MMO will enable crossplay.

We want Palians to be able to play on their preferred platform and join their friends regardless of where they play. We intend to support cross-progression and crossplay, so you can bring your Palia character from PC to Nintendo Switch or vice versa.

With the confirmation of crossplay support coming to Palia on PC and Nintendo Switch, they have been some demand for the game arriving on other platforms, namely PlayStation and Xbox consoles. However, the developer has stated that their primary focus is porting the game’s confirmed platforms before working on other game versions post-launch.

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The developers have confirmed that they're planning to enable crossplay support for Palia for its Switch and PC ports. (Picture: Singularity 6)

This could mean that crossplay support is available to these platforms, allowing players to join their friends in-game and share their game saves between platforms. What remains unclear is whether the game’s PlayStation version will have full crossplay support should the developer bring the game to PlayStation consoles in the future.

We can confirm that Palia will launch on PC and Nintendo Switch, with crossplay support for both versions at launch. We’ll endeavor to provide you with the latest news and developments on additional crossplay support and bringing Palia to other platforms once more information becomes available.