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Palia: Where To Find & Use Dragon's Beard Peat

With the arrival of The Order Furnishing set, Dragon's Beard Peat is one of the resources needed for crafting, so here's where to find them.
Palia: Where To Find & Use Dragon's Beard Peat
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Crafting pieces from The Order Furniture Set requires a bevy of resources that can be acquired through mining nodes and foraging items like the Dragon's Beard Peat. This foraging item is a type of moss similar to Emerald Carpet Moss; however, it's much harder to find due to its rarity.

Nevertheless, it’s possible that they can collect this resource if they know where to look and not confuse it with a moss-covered boulder. Before the wind destroys our sandcastle, we’ve headed to the beach to help players find the Dragon's Beard Peat and its best uses in Palia.

How To Find The Dragon's Beard Peat In Palia?

palia resources guide dragons beard peat how where to get bahari bay locations lighthouse lagoon
Players can find Dragon's Beard Peat in the Lighthouse Lagoon area of Bahari Bay. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Dragon's Beard Peat is a Rare foraging resource that can be collected in specific environments during players' explorations. More specifically, the Dragon's Beard Peat can be found in the beach biome of Bahari Bay, where players can travel to one of three Fast Travel boards, namely the Pulsewater Plains, Coral Shores, or Beachcomber Cove, to reach the beach.

Additionally, players can utilize a few nearby geysers for a quick launch to get to the beach promptly. The Dragon's Beard Peat can be found in the Lighthouse Lagoon area west of the ruins or northwest of The Old Lighthouse, where they can pick up the Fishing For Answers quest.

This moss' drop rate is extremely low, so players may be able to obtain one Dragon's Beard Peat until it respawns again. However, if they genuinely need to get their hands on Dragon's Beard Peat, they can visit Ashura, where they can purchase the mossy item for eight Foraging Skill Medals, but they must have reached Level 10 in Foraging for this to be achieved.

How To Use The Dragon's Beard Peat In Palia?

palia resources guide dragons beard peat how to use crafting the order furniture set
Dragon's Beard Peat is primarily used in crafting pieces from the Order Furniture Set needed for a quest. (Picture: Singularity 6)

The Dragon's Beard Peat cannot be used as a gift for Villagers as there isn't a Villager that will accept this item. But it does have its uses in crafting various furniture pieces and tools; the latter includes the Honey Lure, which requires one Dragon's Beard Peat with four Apples and a Gold Bar.

However, players can find a better use of Dragon's Beard Peat when crafting furniture pieces from The Order set, which was added to the game in the v0.173 patch update. As of writing, the Investigator Banner, Bed, Chair, End Table, and Sideboard are confirmed to require the Dragon's Beard Peat as a crafting resource, and players will need nine Dragon's Beard Peats in total between these pieces.

The blueprints for The Order Furnishing set can be acquired by completing the new main questline to begin collecting them. Six of the nine blueprints can be given to players by Tish during the Fit For A Watcher quest and as rewards for its completion.

Palia is currently available via the Epic Games Store and in Open Beta for PC, as players can install the game launcher detailed in this guide. The game is now available to download for Nintendo Switch as of 14th December 2023.