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Where To Find & Use Emerald Carpet Moss In Palia

Emerald Carpet Moss is found near bodies of water, but is elusive, so here are all found locations and how to use them in Palia.
Where To Find & Use Emerald Carpet Moss In Palia

Once you’ve been introduced to the Furniture Making Skill, it’s time to put it into practice by foraging and mining resources to craft beautifully designed furniture pieces and decor items. There's plenty of recipes and items to acquire from Tish at her store in the town square, and some items will require resources that are quite tricky to find.

Emerald Carpet Moss is one of the many resources you can find in open-world environments, but they are deceptively well-hidden. We’ve consulted many books at the library to determine where to find and how to use Emerald Carpet Moss in Palia to get you back to crafting promptly.

Where To Find Emerald Carpet Moss In Palia

palia resources guide emerald carpet moss how to find where to find map locations appearance
Finding Emerald Carpet Moss is tricky due to its color and size, as it can be well-hidden on the ground and grass. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Emerald Carpet is one of the many resources players can forage when exploring open-world environments. This resource is a requirement for various quests, mainly for Furniture Making and most commonly for crafting furniture and decor items for your house.

This resource is slightly tricky to spot as it will appear as a dark green and brown pile on the ground and has an aura surrounding it when approaching it. As this resource is used in crafting, it can be found in specific locations when adventuring in Killima Village. It was previously known to be found at night, but it can also be found during the daytime.

As for prime locations to forage Emerald Carpet Moss, the best locations are along Fisherman’s Lagoon surrounding the lake as it grows near the banks. This is perfect for any fishing runs players might want to do as you can farm for Emerald Carpet Moss and finish your run by heading out to the docks to fish or turning it Fishing quests to Einar.

palia resources guide emerald carpet moss how to find where to find map locations leafhopper hills remembrance beach fishermans lagoon
There are a few locations where Emerald Carpet Moss grows, like Fisherman's Lagoon and Remembrance Beach. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Another great location is along Remembrance Beach, stretching towards the open field across from Leafhopper Hills, where you can find plenty of Emerald Carpet Moss. Additionally, you can find a handful of copper, stone, and clay nodes along these areas and, if you’re looking to level up your Hunting skill, plenty of Senuk and Chappa are found around Leafhopper Hills.

How To Use Emerald Carpet Moss In Palia

Emerald Carpet Moss is utilized for crafting purposes, mainly in crafting furniture and decor items. You can view this on various crafting recipes at the worktable, outlining the required quantity of Emerald Carpet Moss.

Various furniture pieces and decor items from the Log Cabin series use this item, like the Log Cabin Armchair, Bed, Couch, and Folding Screen. It’s unclear which Villagers may approve of receiving the Emerald Carpet Moss as a gift; however, keep an eye out for their Weekly Wants, as some may request this resource to be gifted.