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Palia: How To Get & Use The Forsythia Flower Seeds

Brighten up the day at the sight of these yellow-hued flowers as we've detailed how to get and best use the Forsythia Flower seeds in Palia.
Palia: How To Get & Use The Forsythia Flower Seeds
(PIcture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Since the addition of the Flowers and Trees System in Palia, Palians have been working hard on their housing plots, designing and creating stunning gardens. As they continue to explore the overworld areas of Kilima Village and Bahari Bay to obtain flower seeds, one flower species, the Forsythia Flower, should be worth adding to their gardens.

This brightly yellow-hued flower will add a pop of color to their Housing Plots and decorated spaces and bring a smile to the faces of many visitors. Luckily for Palians, we've compiled our handy gardening guide to share how they can get the Forsythia Flower seeds in Palia.

How To Get And Use The Forsythia Flower Seeds In Palia?

Bright yellow in color, the Forsythia Flower is guaranteed to brighten anyone's day when they're present in their garden or their homes. This radiant flower is one of ten unique flower species that arrived in Palia in the v0.178 patch update, which is associated with the Flowers and Trees System that they can be introduced through the Suspicious Symbiosis quest.

As such, this mechanic and quest will teach them how to acquire flower seeds and grow them. They don't need soil to plant the seeds. Likewise, the Forsythia Flower takes at least three days to bloom from seed to sapling to a beautiful flower, and they can begin sprucing up their Housing Plots and homes with this delightful flower.

But those wondering how to obtain Forsythia Flower seeds can get their hands on these seeds in one of three ways. The first is through Bug Catching, as they must catch the Spotted Stinkbug at Mirror Fields, Maji's Hollow, and Leafhopper Hills using any Smoke Bomb where they stand a chance of this critter dropping a Forsythia Flower seed.

They can also get Forsythia Flower seeds when visiting Auni to access his Bug Catching Guild Store, where they can buy them for ten Skill Medals each. Lastly, when waiting for the Forsythia Flower to reach maturity after three days, they can get one seed before planting it.

As of writing, it's reported that they can gift Forsythia Flowers as Liked Gifts to Villagers who'll gladly accept them. Next time they visit Nai'o and Tish in Kilima Village, gift them a Forsythia Flower to increase their Friendship levels.