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Palia Home Tour Board: Where To Find It & How It Works

A new structure has been posted on the Housing Plot, confirming a new in-game feature to be arriving in the future for home tours for Palia.
Palia Home Tour Board: Where To Find It & How It Works
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Palia's latest patch update, which is also known as the Bloomin' Bounties update, arrived to PC and Nintendo Switch, adding new adjustments, bug fixes, and more content galore! Following the massive economy update in May 2024, developer Singularity 6 added more in-game features, either expanding on previously introduced ones or introducing new ones entirely.

The latter is true for the Home Tour Board, which will be revisited in a future update, as it will be introducing a community-based feature, Housing Tours, for Palians to visit and view homes for inspiration. If this is up their alley, we've explained in this guide where to find the Home Tour Board and its functions in Palia.

How To Find The Home Tour Board In Palia?

The Home Tour Board is found right on the Housing Plot near the entrance gates, which is recognized for its green color. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Among the plethora of Quality-of-Life (QoL) improvements and new bug changes that arrived to the cozy MMO Palia, there was an abundance of new content for Palians to explore in-game. Of the latest arrivals to hit Kilima Village, a new feature can be found much closer to home as a new feature can be interacted with.

The v0.181 patch update welcomed the Home Tour Board to Palia, a new board that can be seen while spending time on the Housing Plot. Not to be confused with the Visiting Other Plots Boards, the Home Tour Board can be utilized by Palians when "ready to add a few extra touches to your house."

As for where it is situated on their Housing Plot, when arriving or loading into the game to said plot, this specific board can be found to their right when facing their home, near the pond. They can interact with the board by pressing the corresponding button or key, and they'll be directed to the Housing Tours feature and its home screen.

How Does The Home Tour Board Work In Palia?

The developer will make Housing Tours live in a future update so that Palians can submit their plots and homes for tours. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Now that we've explained where to find the Home Tour Board in-game, what purpose does it serve in Palia as of the v0.181 patch update? As alluded to before, the Home Tour Board will redirect Palians to a new in-game feature, Housing Tours, which allows them to submit their beautifully designed plots and homes for showcases.

This trend has been prevalent within the Palian community since the game's Open Beta launch, for which the developer has now created a dedicated feature for the community. According to developer Singularity 6 in the v0.181 patch notes, they will be looking to make Housing Tours live in a future update where Palians can send their plots and homes to be featured when interacting with the Home Tour Board.

To start, Palians can access Tish's Dream House via the Housing Tours feature, in which they can visit a home designed by the development team and explore the plot and "every nook and cranny" inside the house. The purpose of Tish's Dream House is to inspire Palians when designing their Housing plots and decorating their homes, especially those who are struggling and seeking inspiration, by selecting the "Tour Home" button and beginning the tour.