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Palia Insect Catching Guide: How To Learn & Craft Terrariums

In becoming a budding entomologist, players can master and level up the insect-catching skill in the wild under the guidance of Auni in Palia.
Palia Insect Catching Guide: How To Learn & Craft Terrariums

Each skill available in Palia will influence your playstyle and help you navigate the world of Kilima Village. While some focus on the more leisure aspects of the game, insect catching doesn't fall into this category, but discovering the bustling biodiversity may excite players.

From being amazed at unique butterfly species to tangling with bizarre creepy crawlers, insect catching will certainly appeal to a handful of players, granted you have the right equipment. With our traps ready, we've detailed the world of insect catching, including how to learn and level up this skill and crafting terrariums in Palia.

How To Learn & Level Up Insect Catching In Palia?

Insect catching is one of the eight skills players will have unlocked and access to as soon as they start their gameplay experience in Palia. This specific skill, like many others, can be leveled up when using this skill in the open world and can be first explored when meeting up with Auni in the village and will lead you through its Introduction Quest into the basics of this skill.

After completing the Introduction Quest into insect catching, you can continue progressing with this skill, and each time you’ve leveled it up, you can return to Auni, where they’ll have some exclusive rewards to award you. These rewards can vary from bug-catching equipment and recipes for crafting various things, which include terrariums.

When out exploring the wilderness of Kilima Village, you will be able to craft and place traps where you’ll be able to catch a wide variety of insects, from butterflies to dragonflies and other creepy crawlies. The caught bugs will be added to your inventory which can be used in various ways, including bringing them home to display in terrariums.

Additionally, every bug discovered and caught will be recorded in-game as there will be a form of an encyclopedia to track your bug collection. Players will also obtain additional items which can be utilized for bug catching from the local shopkeeper, Zeki, whom you may get some extra goodies when exploring his inventory from the underground shop.

How To Get And Craft Terrariums In Palia?

palia skills guide insect catching bug catching traps laying trap catching a bug
Players must lay down traps when exploring the wilderness, which helps them catch bugs. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Finchinious Flep)

Terrariums are unique furnishing players can craft, which can be placed in your home once you have enough resources to craft. Additionally, you may need a recipe for a terrarium that can assist you in harvesting the resources needed to craft this furnishing piece.

Naturally, you’ll need a workbench placed on your plot to access the UI to begin crafting a terrarium with the recipe and resources on hand. Once crafted, you can place it anywhere in your home, especially for those hoping to become budding entomologists who may have built a greenhouse to display your plants and growing bug collection.

To obtain the recipe for a terrarium can be received as a reward from Auni when leveling your insect-catching skill or possibly purchased from Zeki. It’s unclear if this is the case, and if so, you may need to have enough Palia Coins to buy them before you can proudly showcase your new bug buddy.