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Where To Get & Use Glass Panes And Bulbs In Palia

To decorate and illuminate your home with a beautifully crafted lamp, you will need Glass Panes and Bulbs obtained from refining stones in Palia.
Where To Get & Use Glass Panes And Bulbs In Palia

Unlike most resources, glass isn’t mined for in Kilima Village or Bahari Bay but is a by-product of refining stones. This valuable resource is at the heart of crafting ornate furniture and decor items, mostly lighting items such as chandeliers, walls, outdoor and standing lamps.

But to be able to craft Glass Panes and Bulbs, respectively, you will need to level up the Furniture Making skill and purchase some equipment from Tish. This guide explains how to get and use Glass Panes and Bulbs to light up your home in Palia.

How To Get & Use Glass Panes In Palia?

Glass is a crafting item that can be acquired in the form of glass panes which can be used for making furniture and decor items. While to get glass is somewhat complicated to get as you’ll need to mine any rock nodes to obtain stones which then can be refined to get glass panes.

palia resources guide glass how to find stones how to get how to use glass panes map locations fishermans lagoon mayors estate remembrance beach
You can find plenty of nodes along Fishermna's Lagoon, the Mayor's Estate, and Remembrance Beach to mine stones, ores, and other resources. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Rock nodes are readily found through Kilima Village, especially since you can get other resources like flint, copper, silver ores, and stones. As previously outlined in past guides, you can head over to Fisherman’s Lagoon, the Mayor’s Estate, and Remembrance Beach, where you can find plenty of nodes to mine.

Once you have a substantial amount of stones in your bag’s Inventory, you will need to process the stones to get glass panes, but how can this be done? You will need to find Tish at her furniture store and purchase the recipes for the Glass Smelter, which can only be bought when reaching Level 2 in Furniture Making.

By default, you’ll have access to the Glass Pane and Bulb recipes, for which you can begin crafting, but you’ll need to craft the smelter first. You will need the following resources on hand in your Inventory or stored in the storage box to make the Glass Smelter:

  • Stone Brick x15
  • Ceramic Brick x3
  • Copper Bars x2
  • Flint x2

How To Get & Use Glass Bulbs In Palia?

palia resources guide glass how to find stones how to get how to use glass bulbs glass smelter
You can craft Glass Bulbs from Glass Panes using the Glass Smelter, which the recipe for the smelter can be bought from Tish. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

As you’ll need to buy the Glass Smelter to acquire the recipes for Glass Panes and Bulbs, you can begin refining the stones to acquire Glass Panes. You’ll need ten Stones to produce a single Glass Pane but to get Glass Bulbs, however, does require you to craft more Glass Panes.

More specifically, to craft one Glass Bulb, you need two Glass Panes when visiting the Glass Smelter, which, in turn, can be used for various Furniture Making applications. Some items that require Glass Bulbs include the Log Cabin Wall Lamp, Log Cabin Outdoor Lamp, Kilima Lantern, and other lighting decor items.

Bear in mind that some recipes for these items will require a high Furniture Making skill level, so you’ll need to craft as many furniture pieces and decor items as possible. This may hint that you will need to expand your lovely home to accommodate more items placed inside, which you can obtain Writs from Kenyatta at City Hall.